Skilled Migrants Illustrative image

Dispelling many myths, economic modelling undertaken by CEDA in its latest research report has found that immigration to Australia has not harmed the jobs and earnings of local workers. CEDA’s report, Effects of temporary migration, examines the impact of immigration and recent trends in temporary migration including temporary skilled migration. “ThereRead More →

Alan Tudge Vandalized Chinese Businesses

In Melbourne some goons vandalized Chinese businesses last month. There was a note written abusing Chinese Australians asking them to go back to China.  The note read: “Why don’t you bloody bird and wild animal **** eating Chinese go back to where you came from. You have contaminated the wholeRead More →

R U OK? 2020 check family and friends

With the COVID-19 pandemic grabbing hold of the world practically from the month of January itself although the spread and the related lockdowns began in March, 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. In Australia, particularly in Victoria with second wave of COVID-19, most households have experienced extreme circumstancesRead More →