John Pesutto

As the Liberal party moves to position itself to save any further embarrassment and to start modelling itself as the credible, viable political party in the state to hold the government to account, the first step was taken by the parliamentary party to select their new leader – John Pesutto.Read More →

Child Employment - employing children as young as 13 requires permit

Wage Inspectorate Victoria has launched a campaign to check retail businesses employing kids under 15 years of age are complying with the state’s child employment laws. The child employment watchdog is putting boots on the ground, ensuring that seasonal demand and extended opening hours don’t lead businesses to overlook childRead More →

Namaste Yoga BT

To the general Australian viewer “Namaste Yoga” is a beautiful, wonderfully executed and heart- warming film but for those in the community, this is the first time on a Western screen we feel seen. Its authentic depiction of the Hindu diaspora experiencing racism, its cultural appropriation and traumas of assimilation,Read More →

Sextortion - AFP is on the job

More than 500 Australian bank, financial services and digital currency accounts linked to offshore organised sextortion criminals who sexually extort Australian teenagers have been shut down under a multi-jurisdictional, AFP-led operation. The AFP and AUSTRAC, working with the financial sector, have facilitated the closure of the bank accounts, which areRead More →