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when PM Scott Morrison tweeted: ‘Kitna acha he modi’

Osaka Japan: Attending the G-20 meet in Osaka Japan, and meeting the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Prime Minister Scott Morrison did if not the unthinkable but certainly a first for an Australian prime minister and uniquely established the universal appeal Modi has. Scott Morrison took a selfie with the Indian Prime Minister and tweeted…

Why do we need G20?

While experts are ventilating their thoughts on the various moves the US President Donald Trump has been making in recent months, in light of the recently concluded G20 summit in Osaka, I believe there is a pertinent question to ask if G20 is needed any longer. The architects of United Nations and its various instruments…

Two Australians among the dead in Sri Lanka terror attacks

Melbourne, 23 April: Over the placid Easter weekend, Sri Lanka was hit hard with explosions occurring in eight separate places, killing at least 290 people and injuring more than 500. These explosions have been labelled ‘terrorist’ attacks as Sri Lankan authorities work tirelessly to bring the situation under control and take stock of things. Soon…

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