Justice BR Gavai on Climate change a corporate legal responsibility

Attending the Commonwealth Magistrates and Judges Association Conference at Cardiff, United Kingdom, hosted by the Judiciary of England & Wales at Cardiff, United Kingdom, from 10th -14th September 2023 and representing the Indian judiciary there, speaking on climate change and corporate responsibility, Hon’ble Mr Justice BR Gavai called on the worldRead More →

Gujarat High Court - pre-school

The Gujarat government issued two notifications in 2020 prohibiting schools from admitting children who have not attained 6 years of age to Class 1, effective the current academic year 2023-24 onward. That kicked up a social storm in the state in which parents complained against the government being too hardRead More →

G20 President Bharat's PM Narendra Modi in Indonesia - ASEAN 2023

by Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of Bharat, also known as India  ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ – these two words capture a deep philosophy. It means ‘the world is one family’. This is an all-embracing outlook that encourages us to progress as one universal family, transcending borders, languages, and ideologies. During India’s G20Read More →

Chandrayaan 3 lands on the moon

Rover Pragyan marks successful next stage; rolls out of Chandrayaan-3 lander By smoothly landing Chandrayaan 3 on the Southern surface of the moon, India has done what no other nation in the world has. That too with only Rs 615 crore cost, achieving soft landing with clinical precision, India hasRead More →

NDA V INDIA - Opposition Meet

The coming together of opposition meet in Bengaluru has produced some result which will give some headaches to Modi and his team. A very clever move on the Opposition’s part is the killing of the UPA and re-inventing themselves as Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (“INDIA”). It will be NDARead More →

Rahul Gandhi - California US 31-05-2023

Imbecilic Rahul Gandhi has done it again. But this time, has his ‘innocent ignorance’ exposed itself to be authentic, certified, pure deviance? And that is neither good for the Congress party, nor for its nationalist, committed, grassroots members who work very hard hoping to see their party in power oneRead More →

G20 Meet in Srinagar

While Prime Minister Narendra Modi Australian hospitality in Sydney, an equally important chapter of India rising was being written in Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir territory of India. India was hosting the G20 Tourism Working Group Meet in Srinagar attended by G20 countries as the group’s president for 2023. This wasRead More →