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Landslide for Kejriwal, AAP in Delhi

Landslide for Kejriwal

Election sweeteners can be so effective, perhaps no one knew before elections results for Delhi Assembly were announced on February 11. While political parties, mainly the BJP is alleging Kejriwal’s government did not do anything for the first 4 and ½ years and in the last six months of their

Hindus outraged over Lord Ganesha toilet cover set

Lord Ganesh Toilet Cover set

Upset Hindus urge Sydney firm to apologize & withdraw Lord Ganesha toilet cover set Upset Hindus are urging “My Diva Baby”, online home-furnishings retailer based in Sydney suburb Seven Hills, for the immediate withdrawal of “Indian God Ganesha Elephant Bath Mat Set” (three pieces, including a toilet seat cover), carrying the

CAA 2019 divides Melbourne

CAA 2019

The past few weeks, there has been only one issue – the CAA and NRC- which has dominated headlines all over the globe for Indians, no matter where they live. As the issue developed into wider protests both for and against - in India and more and more people taking

Passions run high over CAA 2019

CAA 2019 Passions run high on both sides

If one issue has occupied the world psyche this December 2019 end, it was CAA 2019 or the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 which has caused much flutter in India and some din in some pockets of Indians living abroad. The issue is at least symbolically important – perhaps worthy of

Vasan Srinivasan elected as Chair of MHFA

Vasan Srinivasan MHFA

Making the whole Australian Indian community proud, a well-known leader based in Melbourne, Vasan Srinivasan, has been elected as the chair of MHFA (Mental Health Foundation of Australia). Well respected not only by the ethnic community groups but also the main stream community and a regular at local radio stations

Indian parliament passes CAB

CAB through parliament

The Indian parliament has passed the much controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 or CAB. It has finally been cleared by both houses of Indian parliament and will go to the President of India for his assent before it becomes the law. Under this new law – persecuted minorities of Hindus,

Delhi factory fire leaves at least 43 dead

Delhi factory fire 43 dead

At least 43 people are dead as a result of a devastating fire at a building housing a factory making handbags in a crowded Anaj Mandi, grains market area in central New Delhi, Delhi police has said. The area suffers from poor municipal planning and is congested and narrow for any

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