Yana Mir with Theresa Villiers

The Jammu and Kashmir Study Centre UK (JKSC UK), a think-tank dedicated to J&K research, organized an event to mark the “Sankalp Divas” at the UK parliament. Sankalp Divas or February 22, 1994 is the day when both houses of Indian parliament unanimously pledged India’s unwavering stance that the entire region of Jammu and Kashmir including the Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir (POJK) is an integral part of India.

The event emphasized India’s right to reclaim Mirpur-Muzaffarabad and Gilgit and Baltistan, currently under the occupation of Pakistan.

Gracing the event were people from both sides of the political spectrum, including Conservative Party MPs Bob Blackman and Theresa Villiers and Labour Party MP Virendra Sharma.

The keynote speakers were Professor Sajjad Raja from POJK, currently residing in exile in Britain and Kashmiri activist Yana Mir, an anchor with India’s Bharat Express News Network.

Speaking on the occasion, Yana outlined in detail the progress made in the region following the abrogation of Article 370, emphasizing how the region now had improved security, more government initiatives, and substantial funding for the region.

Yana Mir was honored with the Diversity Ambassador Award for championing diversity in the J&K region. The award was presented to Yana by the Hon. Theresa Villiers MP.

“I am not a Malala Yousafzai. Because I am free and I am safe in my country India, in my home in Kashmir which is part of India. I will never have to run away from my home country…,” Yana told those present, winning hearts of Indians and India lovers all over the world.

Theresa Villiers UK MP
Theresa Villiers UK MP speaking at the event

During her speech, Yana also praised efforts of the Indian Army in helping youth to shun violence and for creating opportunities in sports and education.

“Alhamdulillah, Today I recieved with Honor, the @jksc_uk
Diversity Ambassador Award in the UK Parliament from honorable MP Theresa Villiers in the presence of MPs @BobBlackman @VirendraSharma and other prominent personalities from the UK political fraternity” Yana Mir posted on X (formerly Twitter).

JKSC-UK posted on X:

“Honored to present ‘Diversity Ambassador Award,’ recognizing @MirYanaSY
 as a beacon for promoting diversity & embracing cultural differences She also expressed that she is not a Malala forced to leave her country due to terrorism but is a proud contributor to India’s growth story.”

Satyam Surana, an Indian international student studying in the UK who came to prominence when he picked up the Indian national flag which was being disrespected by Khalistani demonstrators, also attend the Sankalp Divas ceremony.

“It was a great interaction with British MPs @BobBlackman @VirendraSharma & Kashmiri Activists Sajjad Raja & @MirYanaSY

!! The event was organised by JKSC-UK on account of Sankalp Divas – the day Bhartiya Sansad passed a resolution that PoJK is an integral part of India!”, Satyam Surana posted on X.

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“All the parliamentarians expressed their appreciation for the shared insights and encouraged the continuation of such events to unveil the ground realities of Jammu and Kashmir, a perspective often absent from the mainstream narrative. They stressed the importance of ongoing interactions on this subject,” JKSC UK said in a statement.

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