Bula Bubble Fiji Tourism

Fiji where more than 10 per cent of its total population works in the tourism industry, is proposing to join the proposed trans-Tasman travel bubble being worked up by Australia and New Zealand. Fiji’s proposal ‘Bula Bubble’came from Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama over the weekend as he sought to seeRead More →

Designer Drugs

In a sign that designer drugs are becoming more prevalent in Australia, synthetic cathinones – commonly known as ‘bath salts’ – have been detected in the nation’s wastewater in the largest study of its kind in the country. These emerging family of drugs mimic the effects of ecstasy and amphetaminesRead More →

Men's Health

Men’s health questions answered. Men of all ages can tune into a series of FREE live evening webinars on Facebook Live and Zoom where medical experts will answer their questions about male fertility, and sexual issues as well as overall body and mental health. The webinars available throughout this week,Read More →


Well, we burn 100 calories in 12 minutes Excessive body fat can be extremely dangerous – it increases the risk of heart disease, cancers, heart attack, diabetes etc. So, while we’re all stuck at home, take advantage of this spare time. These 4 activities will shed you 100 calories inRead More →

Glowing Skin tips

Follow these 7 simple skincare tips and say hello to your beautiful skin! It happens to everyone, the “bleh skin” phase. And most of us just give up, losing all hope that we can ever do anything to get flawless, smooth skin. Things like blotchy skin, flaky skin, and acneRead More →

Sleep competitive advantage

Could sleep be the competitive advantage needed to win the AFL Premiership Cup? St Kilda fans will be hoping so, as the Melbourne-based football club partners with Monash University’s Turner Institute to explore off-field ways to enhance player recovery and performance through various sleep techniques and programs. As part of an industry-ledRead More →