Refugees Cox Bazaar Bangladesh

Refugee women and girls in camps on the Thai-Burma border are among the first-responders fighting human rights violations and helping local communities cope with the additional challenges of COVID-19. For many, this continues work they’ve been doing for years, drawing on their skills, knowledge and experience of conflict, flight and survival. TheyRead More →

Blood cancer in Australia

Australia’s Blood Cancer Taskforce has reinforced the crucial need for strategic national collaboration to help turn the tables on the deadly disease as blood cancer diagnoses continue to rise at an alarming rate. As the country marks the start of the tenth Blood Cancer Awareness Month this September, new figuresRead More →

weight loss CSIRO diet

New analysis by CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, has revealed that a stronger start in the first three weeks of a diet is linked to greater weight loss success in the longer-term. The study of over 22,000 CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet members showed those who started strongest in their weightRead More →

Frizzy Hair - Frizz

Firstly, what causes your hair to frizz? Frizz is caused by a lack of moisture in hair. Your hair then tries to get its moisture from the air around it, causing the strands to swell and frizz. Other than a lack of moisture, friction and heat can also aggravate frizz.Read More →

physical activity

The majority of Australians were lazy and didn’t meet suggested physical activity and sedentary behaviour guidelines during the first wave of COVID-19 restrictions, a Monash University study has revealed. Research enterprise BehaviourWorks Australia, part of the Monash Sustainable Development Institute, conducted a survey into physical activity and sedentary behaviour duringRead More →


Well, we burn 100 calories in 12 minutes Excessive body fat can be extremely dangerous – it increases the risk of heart disease, cancers, heart attack, diabetes etc. So, while we’re all stuck at home, take advantage of this spare time. These 4 activities will shed you 100 calories inRead More →

Glowing Skin tips

Follow these 7 simple skincare tips and say hello to your beautiful skin! It happens to everyone, the “bleh skin” phase. And most of us just give up, losing all hope that we can ever do anything to get flawless, smooth skin. Things like blotchy skin, flaky skin, and acneRead More →