A new case for state compensation

1984 Anti-Sikh Riots: A New Case for State Compensation

The Sajjan Kumar verdict by the Delhi High Court presents a new case for proper state compensation for Sajjan Kumar victims. While most law experts have been busy deciphering the Delhi High Court’s judgement in Sajjan Kumar’s case for its implications in the cases to ...
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Indian Consulate in Melbourne allegedly posted out suspicious packages

48-year-old arrested Shepparton man arrested from his home for allegedly posting out 38 packages including Melbourne’s Indian consulate Melbourne, January 10:  More than 38 parcels had been allegedly posted out sent to 14 consulates in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney. Receipt of suspicious packages was reported from ...
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Pakistani reporter Asad Hashim wins AFP’s Kate Webb Prize for journalistic crusade

Freelance reporter Asad Hashim wins the 2018 AFP (Agence France-Presse) Kate Webb Prize for his coverage of the plight of ethnic Pashtuns and blasphemy issues in his native Pakistan Melbourne, January 14: The prize, with ...
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Australia in dilemma after Fiji denies citizenship of jihadist Neil Prakash

Melbourne, January 9: Once believed to be dead, Australia’s most wanted Islamist terrorist, Neil Prakash, whose father is Fiji-Indian, was arrested while trying to cross over from war-torn Syria into Turkey. Prakash was using false ...
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Forecast – Melbourne to take a sharp downturn in Property values in 2019

Melbourne, January 8: Home and property values in Melbourne peaked and began to fall in almost every region, with the decline tipped to continue through to this year. In fact, the fast decline will most ...
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Australia flounders as India emerges leader in Twenty20 & Test cricket

Melbourne, January 8: India made history led by a talismanic Virat Kohli by completing a maiden 2-1 series victory in Test cricket on Australian soil while the Rain God helped Australia draw the last test ...
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No Your Children are not Dumb if they are failing Maths and English

Do your children dread the start of the New Year at School? Do you have a child who freaks out when it comes time to do maths or English? Like totally loses the plot?  Are you ...
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Rare opportunity to Time the Property Market to your benefit

Property investors are entering ‘unchartered territory’ as they can finally ‘time the market’ to their own benefit. Melbourne, January 7: RiskWise Property Research CEO Doron Peleg described an ‘extremely unusual’ set of circumstances which meant ...
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Resolve to be SUPERANNUATION smart – Top Tips for the New Year

Melbourne, January 6: With the New Year upon us, now is a good time to get your superannuation into shape. Figures released in 2018 showed duplicate account fees and insurance premiums had eroded savings by ...
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1984 Anti-Sikh RIots: Justice at Last

1984 Anti-Sikh riots: Justice at Last…Sajjan Kumar to die in jail

New Delhi, January 6: A 1984 Anti-Sikh Riots case it seems has seen justice at last… Sajjan Kumar sentenced to remain in prison for rest of his natural life- to die in jail. Sajjan Kumar, a ...
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Israeli Artist BEMET releases new single ‘Chicken Masala’ in India

The most successful Israeli artist in India today – BEMET (Hod Moshonov) – releases a new clip in Bollywood. Sara Gurpal with BEMET in Chicken Masala Chicken Masala is the new single, and like all ...
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Tim Paine’s sledge rings true for ‘Babysitter’ Rishabh Pant at Kirribilli

Rishabh Pant has had verbal scuffling with Bonnie Paine’s husband, Tim Paine – MCG January 2: In the world of cricket, field trash talk stays on the field, but the pleasant rivalry between opposing wicketkeepers ...
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Indian origin Mother Ragni Narayan shot in the head by stepson

Sydney, December 28: ‘My children are the greatest gift’: Indian origin mother, Ragni Narayan posted only four days before she was allegedly shot in the head with a nail gun by her apprentice builder stepson ...
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Why your New Year’s Resolution is destined to Fail

Melbourne, December 27: Every year, thousands of people lurch to the finishing line of the year armed with their New Year’s Resolutions only to get to February and give up. Author of Free From Fear, ...
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Australia based College owner, Wajib Ali elected to Rajasthan Assembly

Melbourne, December 23: Wajib Ali, a 36 year old Indian based in Melbourne has been elected as Member of Legislative Assembly of Rajasthan from the Nagar constituency in Bharatpur, Rajasthan. Ali went to Jamia Millia ...
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2018 Celebrity Home: Top 10 Spectacular and Unusual Celebrity Homes

The year 2018 has seen a plethora of fascinating, spectacular and unusual celebrity homes hit the market and we have picked ten of our favorites to share with you. “2018 Top Ten Celebrity Homes” “Cher’s ...
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Shikhar Dhawan – living in Melbourne, playing for India

Shikhar Dhawan, who created history by breaking the jinx against South Africa during the ICC World Cup 2015, is in a perfect form right now. But will he be playing in Melbourne? Dhawan could be ...
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