Indian pickpockets in Melbourne

Gang of Indo-Sri Lankan pickpockets – 2 Indians caught in Melbourne

The latest feather or shall we say blemish for the Indian community is charging by Victoria police of two Indian pickpockets, a sad start to 2020 for the local Indian community. With the latest embarrassment caused to the Indian community by a man-woman duo, words ...
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Bidita Bag - Daya Bai

Bidita Bag walked barefeet for Daya Bai Biopic

Hindi cinema has come a long way from doing the run of mill masala flicks. Nowadays, content-driven quality cinema is beginning to dominate the scene which means the actors also have newer and challenging avenues to work with. Of course being professionals, most actors put ...
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Qantas - safest airline

Qantas tops the world’s safest airlines for 2020 list

Fans of Qantas have a reason to smile. Qantas tops World’s safest airlines list. ( the world’s only safety and product rating website has named Qantas as its safest airline for 2020. has ...
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re-usable water bottle

Choose reusable bottle, tap Water this summer

As we battle through a hot and dry summer, it’s important to stay hydrated. Go for your bottle, refilling with your tap water to stay hydrated will help save the environment and save you money ...
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Aussies go to India for 3 ODIs on 14, 17 & 19 Jan

Aussies go to India for 3 ODIs (One Day International games) starting from January 14. The matches will be played in Mumbai, Rajkot and Bengaluru. To the surprise of many cricket fans both in India ...
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CAA 2019 Passions run high on both sides

Passions run high over CAA 2019

If one issue has occupied the world psyche this December 2019 end, it was CAA 2019 or the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 which has caused much flutter in India and some din in some pockets ...
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Rohit Sharma top Score

Rohit Sharma – man behind Kohli’s success as skipper

Opener Rohit Sharma has scored highest individual runs in 2019 and every year since 2013. Is he the man behind Kohli’s success as skipper? The answer is a clear and convincing YES. Army generals are ...
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AIHW Logo and Louise York

Is your child happy, healthy?

Is your child happy, healthy? is a question important for every parent. The wellbeing of Aussie kids varies by family circumstances and where they live, a study has found. Children in Australia are generally happy, ...
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CAB protests on Al Jazeera

No, CAB is not India’s descent into theocracy

Ever since the government of India passed the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 or CAB, there has been a deluge of misinformation about what the changes will do. There has been scaremongering of astronomical proportions insinuating ...
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Google search-listWEB

Google’s search-list for 2019 Australia

If you see Google search-list 2019 Australia, you get the real picture of what was trending in 2019 – Australia. Far from the Boris’s cricus in Britain or Donald’s Tweet-Fest in the White House impeachment ...
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Vasan Srinivasan MHFA

Vasan Srinivasan elected as Chair of MHFA

Making the whole Australian Indian community proud, a well-known leader based in Melbourne, Vasan Srinivasan, has been elected as the chair of MHFA (Mental Health Foundation of Australia). Well respected not only by the ethnic ...
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