Tamil family's last ditch bid

Tamil family wins deportation leave reprieve

R. VenuGopal, Bharat Times Melbourne, 30 September: A Tamil family of Sri Lankan descent – comprising of the husband Nadesalingam, wife priya and their two Australian born daughters, who were being deported back to Sri Lanka – have won a five day stay on their ...
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Love triangle murder appeal

Sam Abraham murder: Wife Sofia Sam loses appeal, Lover Arun gets sentence reduced

Melbourne 19 August: In June 2018, BT brought you a story of tragic end to a love-triangle of Sam Abraham, Sofia Sam (Sam’s wife) and Arun Kamalsanan, Sofia’s lover, who himself was married and had a son. His wife and son were in India at ...
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Other stories:

Uber driver convicted rapist Muhammad Naveed loses appeal

R. VewnuGopal with DM, Bharat Times In 2015, Muhammad Naveed, a Pakistani Australian, was working as  an Uber driver. He was then aged 41, married with three children and he had no criminal record either ...
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Umpire admits error in Cricket World Cup final

K. Dev, Bharat Times A throw to the stumps deflected off the bat of a diving Ben Stokes as he tried to complete a second run and raced to the boundary.  Sri Lankan umpire Kumar ...
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MHFA raises funds with a Multicultural Gala Dinner in Melbourne

The Mental Health Foundation organized a Multicultural Gala Dinner at Lincoln of Toorak, 445 Toorak Road, Toorak on Saturday 20th July 2019. This event was one of the highlights of Victorian and National Mental Health Month ...
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Poshik Sharma goes missing, body found

R. VenuGopal, Bharat Times Poshik Sharma, an Indian student in Melbourne, has been found dead in tragic but strange and unusual circumstances. His death is not being treated as suspicious. Rescue search for Poshik, who ...
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Puneet Puneet wants maximum 2 year jail for himself

Shalini Singh, Bharat Times New Delhi, July 16: Puneet Puneet who jumped bail and ran away to India in 2008 in a hit and run case, is making demands while being fully cognizant of his ...
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Kohli’s 9,1,1 calls for his removal as captain

India had been favourites to win the ICC World Cup 2019 trophy on 14 July, but now Indians head home losing to New Zealand by 18 runs in an unlosable match Kohli lost. I know ...
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when PM Scott Morrison tweeted: ‘Kitna acha he modi’

Osaka Japan: Attending the G-20 meet in Osaka Japan, and meeting the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Prime Minister Scott Morrison did if not the unthinkable but certainly a first for an Australian prime minister ...
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88% rise in people taking up Australian Citizenship

Canberra, 28 June: The Morrison Government continues to focus on Australian citizenship processing and creating a common bond between communities through Australian citizenship. Between 1 July 2018 and 31 May 2019, more than 132,000 citizenship ...
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Why do we need G20?

While experts are ventilating their thoughts on the various moves the US President Donald Trump has been making in recent months, in light of the recently concluded G20 summit in Osaka, I believe there is ...
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Clarke’s winners for World Cup 2019: Bumrah for India or Warner for Australia

“I think there is nothing that he (Bumrah) doesn’t have. He is fit and healthy. I hope he stays that way as he would play a big part in India’s success in this World Cup,” ...
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Tiffani Sleeps in flight, wakes up in a parked plane

Montreal, June 24: Have you ever thought of being left alone, behind in the plane, only to find yourself in pitch darkness, not really knowing where you are and no chance of being able to ...
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Is pardon petition to G-G a new way to buy time / PR?

Minister loses the Appeal, Federal Court split 3:2 Brisbane 19 June: In a unique case of court litigation for Australian residency visa, there has been a 2:3 split in Federal court Queensland involving the applicant ...
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Amitabh Bachchan in Australian campaign against blindness in India

Melbourne, June 20: Australian charity The Fred Hollows Foundation is supporting a new campaign featuring Bollywood bigwig Amitabh Bachchan, aimed at promoting eye health in Uttar Pradesh. Under The Foundation’s SEE NOW campaign, which launched ...
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Is Salman Khan just a paper tiger?

Singer Sona Mohapatra targets Salman Khan calls him ‘paper tiger’ as Bharat slows down Reality show judge and singer Sona Mohapatra has criticised Salman Khan, in the past, for his comments on Priyanka Chopra. She has targeted the ...
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Now you can bring your parents for 3, 5 up to 10 years

Canberra, 17 June: It is fantastic news for those who want to bring their parents to Australia to be with them and to have parents living with their young children for longer periods up to ...
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ICC World Cup 2019:  Rohit Sharma’s ton crushes Pakistan

India crushed Pakistan to 89-run win in a rain redused match. In the end Pakistan needed 130 runs from their last 5 overs and it was impossible for them to achieve that. In a way, ...
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Adani project delivers Sco-Momentum in Australian 2019 elections

Melbourne, May 20: Scott Morrison defied all polls and pundits and led the Coalition to a stunning victory in 2019 elections. Claiming victory Prime Minister Morrison paid tribute to the “quiet Australians” who had delivered ...
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With no Abbott or Palmer speed humps, Sco-Motion is unstoppable

Labor in ruins, teary Shorten’s career in tatters Sydney May 18: Scott Morrison, Australia’s 30th  prime minister, scored a surprise victory in federal elections on Saturday. The win stunned Australian election analysts and opinion pollsters ...
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