VMC piece by David Davis

Cleaning up Labor’s corrupt grants processes Victoria’s broad multicultural community has strengthened our economy and social structure and the Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC), a statutory authority established under the Baillieu government in 2011, provides advice to government on policies and programs that are relevant to multicultural communities.  Daniel Andrews andRead More →

Vivek Agnihotri's The Kashmir Files

by Ash Raina, Kashmiri Pandits Australia (KPA) With a heavy, but strong, heart, I am writing this to tell the world about the emotions going through after watching the latest Hindi blockbuster, “The Kashmir Files – Right to Justice”, or TKF for the gen X audience. Kashyapa reclaimed the landRead More →

Seize the Opportunity says Anthony Albanese

by Anthony Albanese, Federal leader of the Opposition and Labor member for Grayndler The global shift to reduce carbon emissions is driving fundamental changes in the global economy. Renewable energy is not coming. It is here. And because it is clean and cheap, it offers us great opportunities. In Australia,Read More →

Shane Warne went too soon, too young

by Bill Shorten, Shadow Minister for the NDIS, Government Services and Member for Maribyrnong I didn’t know Shane Warne personally. Sure, I met him briefly a couple of times, but I was not remotely in his star orbit. News of his sudden death at age 52 rocked me as itRead More →

Anthony Albanese will invest in People of Australia

by Anthony Albanese Australians are a positive people. But even the most optimistic among us must be discouraged by the wage stagnation caused by the Morrison-Joyce government. The cost of living is going up. Australians see it every time we visit a supermarket, fill up at a petrol station orRead More →

Happy Republic Day Scott Morrison

INDIA REPUBLIC DAY 2022 Namaste to everyone celebrating India’s Republic Day. It is a wonderful co-incidence of history that Australia shares its national holiday with India— 26 January. There is an easiness, a natural connection, between our two cultures, and a deep friendship. Australians call it mateship. Indians call it dosti.Read More →