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Today the Australian Republic Movement announced the resumption of its campaign following the conclusion of the mourning period for Queen Elizabeth II.

Just as King Charles III has not delayed for a moment in resuming his duties, we submit that Australia should not delay the discussion about its future under the monarchy any longer either. It’s time.

Australians did not choose King Charles, and polls show Australians do not approve of him as King – even in the afterglow of Queen Elizabeth’s reign. His support is unlikely to get any better than it is now. Multiple polls also show a majority of Australians aged under 35 want Australia to become a republic.

For decades, monarchists and others have claimed that it would be rude to make a move to a republic while the Queen was on the throne. There is no longer any excuse to delay this important step forward for Australia.

This is a new era that calls for action to ensure our Head of State is an Australian – an era that calls for Australian sovereignty to be solely in the hands of the Australian people and for parliamentarians to swear allegiance to serve Australians, rather than a British Monarch.

We call for an era that does away with inherited power and privilege in the highest echelon of government and allows any Australian to aspire to be our nation’s Head State, so that the full diversity of our nation can be heard and represented at the highest levels. We don’t need or want a King to reign over us. We deserve an Australian champion – a first among equals.

The Australian Republic Movement is now ramping up its campaign, with events being organised across the country. Chair of the ARM, Peter FitzSimons AM, said that it was an exciting and historic time to be a part of the Movement and called on supporters to join the campaign.

“Rule by birthright, a literally born-to-rule English sovereign, has no place in a democratic, egalitarian Australia” said Mr FitzSimons.

“The notion is as foreign to Australian values as the monarchy itself. Nor should anyone be forced to pledge allegiance to a foreign King or Head of State – our Head of State should pledge to serve us, and only us, instead. Only an Australian should have the honour of becoming our Head of State. 

“What we need now is for people to join us and get involved” said Mr FitzSimons.

  • – A release by the Australian Republic Movement.

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