Glowing Skin tips

Follow these 7 simple skincare tips and say hello to your beautiful skin! It happens to everyone, the “bleh skin” phase. And most of us just give up, losing all hope that we can ever do anything to get flawless, smooth skin. Things like blotchy skin, flaky skin, and acneRead More →

Scomosas - Morrison samosas

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison ended the month of May, putting the doom and gloom of COVID-19 aside for the day and delved into making samosas. Good to see the busiest man in the country – relaxing on the weekend venturing into something most people would not have thought theirRead More →

migration in covid-19

Morrison scouts Role of Migration in COVID-19 aftermath Recovery Process  Universities reeling under est. $16 billion loss by 2023; Victoria may NOT Pay for mandatory hotel quarantine for International Students Melbourne, June 3: Australia’s universities could lose $16 billion in revenue between now and 2023 according to new modelling byRead More →

George Floyd death last moments

While many questions unanswered about George Floyd’s killing — namely why a Minneapolis policeman used lethal force while arresting Floyd who can be clearly seen as not resisting – separate video footages have emerged – from a nearby restaurant and bystanders which piece together last few turbulent painful moments of George Floyd’s life. ItRead More →

Lisa Neville PSOs

Protective Services Officers (PSOs) will be able to be deployed to shopping centres, sporting precincts and other highly populated areas to help prevent crime and support community safety, under new laws introduced into Parliament today. Minister for Police and Emergency Services Lisa Neville said the Police and Emergency Legislation AmendmentRead More →

Belt and Road Initiative

Victoria signed China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) – a deal with China in 2018. This Chinese Initiative is a huge and ambitious project worth trillions of dollars that involves China co-funding hundreds of infrastructure projects all over the world. Under the deal, China will form partnerships with many governmentsRead More →