Australia Day 2023-Bollywood-2022

“The Andrews government’s decision to quietly scrap the annual Australia Day parade shows just how toxic the change-the-date debate has become”, writes the Herald Sun.   No wonder you do not see any flags and other artefacts associated with the national day being sold in any of our supermarkets. ForRead More →

No Matthew Guy execution - Not all his fault

A lot has been said and is being written about the 2nd consecutive drubbing Liberals got on Saturday November 26. And everyone directly or indirectly suggests Matthew Guy should go (read quit politics). Some are even selling this idea of Matthew Guy execution as the Liberal party’s ‘turning the firstRead More →

Victory Night - Dan is BACK

Was Daniel Andrews in any danger of losing 2022 election? The simple answer to this question is a big NO. Election 2022 will be spoken about for a long time. Too many pundits had their varied reflections on what the issues were and what the possible outcomes would be. Looking atRead More →

Election 2022 Dan Andrews Matt Guy Roti Making

Election times in India are different to what we have here in Australia. In India, without fail, the references to Pakistan’s Machiavellian intentions to destabilize India start to surface in common parlance of leaders from the BJP side while the Congress without exception intensifies its attack on the BJP forRead More →