Justice BR Gavai on Climate change a corporate legal responsibility

Attending the Commonwealth Magistrates and Judges Association Conference at Cardiff, United Kingdom, hosted by the Judiciary of England & Wales at Cardiff, United Kingdom, from 10th -14th September 2023 and representing the Indian judiciary there, speaking on climate change and corporate responsibility, Hon’ble Mr Justice BR Gavai called on the worldRead More →

Mark Butler meeting Dharmendra Pradhan in Delhi

Australia India to work on recognizing Nursing sand Aged-care qualifications As part of the ongoing G-20 deliberations chaired and hosted by Bharat (India) in its capacity as president for 2023, it is no surprising to see various world leaders including Australian politicians and government ministers to make beeline to flyRead More →

NDA V INDIA - Opposition Meet

The coming together of opposition meet in Bengaluru has produced some result which will give some headaches to Modi and his team. A very clever move on the Opposition’s part is the killing of the UPA and re-inventing themselves as Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (“INDIA”). It will be NDARead More →

Jess Wilson PBO Property-taxes-BT

Ever since the budget was handed down, Victorians knew the property taxes would go up in their state. With a new report, requested by the state Opposition’s Jess Wilson and released today by the independent Victorian Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) confirms Victorians will be paying the highest property taxes inRead More →