Leena Manimekalai

An application has been filed in a Delhi Court top have a permanent injunction against Leena Manimekalai and her latest movie “Kaali”. The petitioner has claimed it hurts the hindu sentiments as it insults their Gods and Goddesses, deliberately showing them in poor light. The court, instead of issuing theRead More →

Rahul's nightmare Siddharth Verma

We all know that the fortunes of the Congress party are evaporating by tons every minute. If recent elections are any guide, the party does not seem to be making any headway come 2024. No wonder its leaders are moving on to other political cohorts. The pressure on the familyRead More →

Murray cray fishing season

Only one more sleep before Victorians can try their hand at catching some tasty Murray spiny freshwater crayfish to cook over a camp fire or take home for the dinner table. North of the Great Dividing Range, this inland delicacy has a three-month open season that commences tomorrow on WednesdayRead More →