This is a very strange story of an Indian International student family who came to Australia some years ago to make a new life for themselves. But the sponsor Grandpa says he never sponsored. Amandeep Kaur Sandhu came to Australia as an international student along with her husband Kanwaldeep SinghRead More →

Melbourne, December 14: A controversial cartoon published today in response to the Paris climate conference, has been condemned as “racist” towards Indians. The cartoon depicts starving Indians chopping and eating solar panels sent in an attempt to control carbon emissions. One family member even tries to eat them with ‘mangoRead More →

Is she racist? Prasad Philip says she is. This is an unfortunate story involving two people – one is a member of our own community and the other one although not Indian, has had a great bond with many Indians over the years. Prasad Philip, a Keralite Indian by descent,Read More →

On 15 December 2015, Herald Sun printed this piece with this huge photograph with this caption – A country best enjoyed together – and ran a story of Deven Pravin Tanna as below: While Victoria’s Indian community is huge, migrant Deven Tanna wasn’t able to find love here with someoneRead More →

the trio - Baljit Singh, Mukesh Sharma and Rakesh Kumar

Melbourne, August 7, 2015: The Victorian Indian community has suddenly come under the spotlight this month with Baljit ‘Bobby’ Singh, Rakesh Kumar who run and manage St Stephen Institute in Reservoir and Mukesh Sharma who runs Symbiosis Institute in Footscray being charged with a series of offences relating to anRead More →