Catherine King Minerals are part of the solution

by Catherine King, member for Brand In the 1890s, following the sudden death of his wife, my great-great-grandfather Eli Pizer packed up four of children and his life in Melbourne to join the luck of the gold rush in Kalgoorlie. Eli Pizer wasn’t a miner but he started a hansomRead More →

Why Disha Ravi and not Safoora Zargar

Do Judge Dharmender Rana’s reasons really differ? When Judge Dharmender Rana granted bail to Disha Ravi on Tuesday night, it was bound to bother India watchers why Disha was treated more liberally than Safoora Zargar by the same judge faced with two bail applications by young girsl with no priorRead More →

COVID-19 fear

I hope readers will indulge me a slightly more personal column this month. It has ben a long time since I have last written for this paper, and this absence has been due entirely to the personal dislocation caused by the Victorian government’s policies in response to COVID-19. It hasRead More →