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Adani project delivers Sco-Momentum in Australian 2019 elections

Melbourne, May 20: Scott Morrison defied all polls and pundits and led the Coalition to a stunning victory in 2019 elections. Claiming victory Prime Minister Morrison paid tribute to the “quiet Australians” who had delivered the Liberal Party victory. “I have always believed in miracles,” he said. “And tonight we’ve been delivered another one. How…

OCI concerns for a Liberal party candidate of Indian descent


An Australian Indian Vaishali Ghosh, Liberal Party candidate for the seat of Wills, (in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne) has been in the news for voluntarily withdrawing as Liberal party candidate because of OCI (Overseas Indian Citizenship) concerns; she may be in breach of Section 44 of the Australian constitution which defines disqualification of members…

Why did Federal Court decide in favour of Geoffrey Rush?


Melbourne, 12 April: In the current climate of #MeToo movements all over the world, the case of Geoffrey Rush in the Australian courts had the world media eyes set on its outcome. And for the passionate followers of the movement who follow it blindly, the judgment of the Federal Court judge, His Honour Justice Michael…

Aussies go to polls on May 18


Canberra, April 11: The speculation is over. Aussies go to polls on May 18. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has asked Governor General Peter Cosgrove to dissolve parliament to allow Australians to elect their parliamentarians for the next term on Saturday, May 18. Although Coalition is facing an uphill task, Scott Morrison had no choice but to…

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