Artificial Intelligence COVID-19

Advanced artificial intelligence (AI) is being used to examine medical images and formulate a comprehensive analysis to assist medical professionals with diagnosing COVID-19.  Researchers from Monash University, Sun Yat-sen University and The First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University have developed an advanced medical report generation method using AI technology. This will accuratelyRead More →

community outbreak

Tracking community outbreaks of COVID-19 through wastewater can happen faster, using more cost-effective tests, according to new research published by the Australian national science agency, CSIRO. The new research builds on the world’s first peer-reviewed proof-of-concept trial run in Brisbane by CSIRO and The University of Queensland which tested untreated sewage andRead More →

IIT Bombay Batteries of the Future

A new study has shown for the first time how inexpensive materials can be used in high performance batteries of the future. The study, published today in ACS Energy Letters, is a collaboration between Monash University, the India Institute of Technology Bombay-Monash Research Academy, and Deakin University. Scientists and engineers have beenRead More →

Designer Drugs

In a sign that designer drugs are becoming more prevalent in Australia, synthetic cathinones – commonly known as ‘bath salts’ – have been detected in the nation’s wastewater in the largest study of its kind in the country. These emerging family of drugs mimic the effects of ecstasy and amphetaminesRead More →

Men's Health

Men’s health questions answered. Men of all ages can tune into a series of FREE live evening webinars on Facebook Live and Zoom where medical experts will answer their questions about male fertility, and sexual issues as well as overall body and mental health. The webinars available throughout this week,Read More →

covid-19 impact on health

A new study into the COVID-19 impact by Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, has found that weight and emotional wellbeing has suffered throughout the COVID-19 lockdown, with Australians also feeling concerned about how long it will take for life to return to “normal”. The survey of nearly 4000 CSIRO TotalRead More →

Tendulkar Drive Rockbank

A new housing estate being developed in the greater Melbourne suburb of Rockbank, will have streets named after Indian cricket greats including Sachin Tendulkar, Kapil Dev and Virat Kohli, with Tendulkar Drive being the most attention grabbing. Through this suburb of the Melton City Council, one can now drive alongRead More →

Derek Chauvin George Floyd

By now we all know George Floyd, the black American who died under the knee of police officer Derek Chauvin on May 25 in Minneapolis in the US state of Minnesota. The death created worldwide outrage and it further enraged global citizens when initially it was announced that no criminalRead More →

Mad Scientist

White lab coats and dangerous experiments all epitomise the ‘mad scientist’ from many a Hollywood blockbuster but, even beyond the silver screen, the stereotype lives on, and according to new research, it could mar the next generation of potential scientists. Conducted by the University of South Australia and the Australian Catholic University, theRead More →

Free childcare ends 12 July

Free childcare ends on July 12. The scheme was introduced during the federal governments announcements of its various economic stimulus packages in April. The aim was to keep childcare providers afloat during the coronavirus pandemic. The changes announced by Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan today will see the scheme comingRead More →