Alan Tudge Vandalized Chinese Businesses

In Melbourne some goons vandalized Chinese businesses last month. There was a note written abusing Chinese Australians asking them to go back to China.  The note read: “Why don’t you bloody bird and wild animal **** eating Chinese go back to where you came from. You have contaminated the wholeRead More →

R U OK? 2020 check family and friends

With the COVID-19 pandemic grabbing hold of the world practically from the month of January itself although the spread and the related lockdowns began in March, 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. In Australia, particularly in Victoria with second wave of COVID-19, most households have experienced extreme circumstancesRead More →

Blood cancer in Australia

Australia’s Blood Cancer Taskforce has reinforced the crucial need for strategic national collaboration to help turn the tables on the deadly disease as blood cancer diagnoses continue to rise at an alarming rate. As the country marks the start of the tenth Blood Cancer Awareness Month this September, new figuresRead More →

Kyle and Jacki Indian Media

The Indian media and its head honchos have their own standards and rules and the masses, with smart phones in their hands have turned into some sort of armies on one side or the other rather than providing cultural policing and asking for accountability. Anyone can say anything and itRead More →

weight loss CSIRO diet

New analysis by CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, has revealed that a stronger start in the first three weeks of a diet is linked to greater weight loss success in the longer-term. The study of over 22,000 CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet members showed those who started strongest in their weightRead More →

Daniel Andrews Roadmap

From midnight 13 September, according to the roadmap laid out by the Premier Daniel Andrews, some restrictions will be eased across Victoria. Regional Victoria and Melbourne Metro will have their own roadmap each, relating to how many active cases are currently in the community. Changes will allow limited in-person visitsRead More →