Sudden Cardiac Death Gene link found

Cardiovascular disease is still a major cause of premature death in Australia. An important contributor to this burden is Sudden Cardiac death (SCD), which refers to a sudden lack of heart activity. Sudden cardiac death — also sudden cardiac arrest and unexplained cardiac death — is one of the biggest killers of AustraliansRead More →

vegan diet builds muscles

Contrary to popular Indian perception that only high protein non-vegetarian diets can help restore your tissue mass and muscles, researchers have now found that a vegan diet is equally effect in muscle building. Kyrie Irving is one of several NBA players who have adopted a vegan diet. The 28-year-old BrooklynRead More →

Blood cancer in Australia

Australia’s Blood Cancer Taskforce has reinforced the crucial need for strategic national collaboration to help turn the tables on the deadly disease as blood cancer diagnoses continue to rise at an alarming rate. As the country marks the start of the tenth Blood Cancer Awareness Month this September, new figuresRead More →

weight loss CSIRO diet

New analysis by CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, has revealed that a stronger start in the first three weeks of a diet is linked to greater weight loss success in the longer-term. The study of over 22,000 CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet members showed those who started strongest in their weightRead More →

food humour and disgust - abook

How to eat fried worms: food, humour and disgust A UNSW academic and an Italian professor are pairing up to write the world’s first book on food, humour and disgust.  The idea of eating maggot-infested cheese or roasted guinea pigs may seem disgusting to some people but repulsion doesn’t cutRead More →