Nomophobia is real in Australia

Australians are addicted to their mobile phones and their inability to disconnect could be endangering their health, a Monash University study shows. The Australia-first study, measuring nomophobia (no mobile phone phobia) and its consequences, shows 99.2 per cent of users have some fear of being without their phone. And forRead More →

Image by Gerald Oswald from Pixabay

Deaths attributed to high blood pressure or hypertension have increased 11% above normal in 2020, according to statistics from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. That’s more than the increase in deaths from pneumonia and flu, coronary heart disease, and stroke, according to The New York Times. New York City hadRead More →

rashina Hoda and Erin McGillick Superstars of Stem program

Two researchers from the Faculty of Information Technology and the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences have been named among Australian female scientists in the 2021-22 Superstars of STEM program.   Associate Professor Rashina Hoda and Dr Erin McGillick are two of 60 brilliant women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics who haveRead More →

Nanocllulose Hydrogel Monash University

New plant-based gel to fast-track ‘mini-organs’ growth, improve cancer treatment Monash University researchers have created the world’s first bioactive plant-based nanocellulose hydrogel to support organoid growth for biomedical applications. This includes cancer development and treatment. Nanocellulose gels cost a fraction of the price compared to the current gold standard. TheseRead More →