Spanish Vlogger Fernanda - Jharkhand rape victim

US Martial Art specialist slams husband for not doing enough to stop the Jharkhand gangrape

A Spanish tourist couple on a motorbike trip through India met horrible fate when the woman was raped by seven men while camping with her husband in Jharkhand India. This Jharkhand gangrape incident has shamed India and shook the Indian diaspora around the world.

When the couple – Vicente 42, and Fernanda 28, – travel vloggers – were going through Jharkhand’s Dakum district, they decided to spend a night camping at a place which was a bit secluded.

And finding the women attractive in the company of a single man (her partner) seven local men (beasts) attacked them beating the hell out of the man and gang-raping the women.

The 28-year-old Fernanda has more than 200,000 followers on Instagram with her husband, under the handle Vuelta al Mundo en Moto (Around the World by Motorbike).

The couple, have travelled through 66 countries since leaving Barcelona five years ago, says their profile.

They shared their horrible ordeal with their followers via a series of Instagram Stories.

“They beat us,” he said. “They put a knife to my neck, and told me they were going to kill me. Fernanda was raped. Seven of them. Seven men. Sons of bitches.”

Vincente had his teeth broken when he was beaten up by the goons.

He showed broken teeth and swollen lip, which he said was the result of him being hit several times in the head with helmet.

He laments his “mouth is destroyed”.

A distraught Fernanda had visible bruises and swelling on her face.

Although eight men were arrested over the alleged attack within 48 hours, the lowness of the incident cannot be overlooked. 

Internationally, the incident sent shockwaves around the world and has come at a very bad time for the Modi government which is seeking a historic third term.

While most had nothing by sympathy for the couple, particularly Fernanda, former UFC star Jake Shields slams husband who watched at knifepoint as his influencer wife was gangraped by seven men in India.

Jake Shields believed the husband he didn’t protect the Spanish influencer and only cared about his own injuries from the attack.

Jake, Shields took to X, formerly Twitter, to dish out his controversial take on the high-profile crime.

“His wife was rapped (sic) by 7 men and the man hardly has bruises, if 7 men tried to rape any girl I’m with I need to be dead or unconscious. It appears he got hit once or twice and decided to watch instead of fight. She will leave him and rightfully so within a year.”

“As a man you should be willing to die protect your girl without a second thought.”

While in India, some, in the softest possible language, blamed the victim for not taking precautions when choosing where they would spend the night.

Some others commented on the skimpily clad Fernanda – showing off her body.

Both lines of argument are abhorrently wrong. Nothing justifies the occurrence of this gangrape in Jharkhand or the way the couple were dishonoured, particularly Fernanda.

In Indian culture, a guest is like God, atithi devo bhava’.

All foreign tourists should feel absolutely safe no matter where they are in India.

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