Kashish Aggarwal Geetika Goyal

An Indian man in the UK, who stabbed his wife multiple times before driving to a nearby street where he left her body on the pavement has been jailed after pleading guilty to murder. Kashish Aggarwal, 28, attacked his wife Geetika Goyal at their home in Wintersdale Road, Leicester, onRead More →

McDonald's Restaurants run out of milk

Who would have thought McDonald’s Restaurants would run out milk, and thus shakes? If this COVID pandemic and its new normal was not hitting home hard enough, the post-Brexit EU realities have hit Britain even harder. Under the new arrangement, the government implemented changes to the immigration rules and stoppedRead More →

Taliban take over of Afghanistan

Defying the US intelligence reports, the Taliban have swept into Afghanistan’s capital Kabul and wrested control from the government which collapsed after the embattled president left the country and its people to fend for themselves. Heavily armed Taliban fighters swamped the capital, and several entered Kabul’s abandoned presidential palace. AccordingRead More →

John McAfee found dead in Barcelona jail

British born American John McAfee, founder of McAfee Antivirus software, a fugitive at the time of his death was found dead in his jail cell near Barcelona, Spain. The death is being labelled as suicide. McAfee was wanted in the US for multiple legal cases and was fighting his extradition toRead More →

Derek Chauvin new trial petition

Having been found guilty and only weeks away from learning his sentence for the killing of George Floyd, former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin has filed a petition seeking a new trial. He claims due to the overwhelming publicity surrounding the case, he has been deprived of due process andRead More →