Neal Mohan Youtube CEO

In what now has become a routine and does not surprise anyone, another Indian American has grabbed one of the top most jobs in the world. This is surprised no one. The number two man of YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, Neal Mohan has taken over from her as the CEO of YoutTube.

Susan Wojcicki, who has led the global online video-sharing and social media platform for the last nine years, has stepped down to focus on “family, health, and personal projects I’m passionate about.”

Like Neal Mohan, Susan Wojcicki was previously a senior vice president for ad products at Google, became CEO of YouTube in 2014.

Neal Mohan, the new head of YouTube, was up until now YouTube’s chief product officer.

In a letter sent out by Susan Wojcicki, she wrote that she is leaving in order to, “start a new chapter focused on my family, health and personal projects I’m passionate about.”

Commenting on Susan’s departure, Alphabet co-founder Larry Page and Sergey Brin expressed their gratitude to the YouTube chief, who famously rented her garage to the power duo.

“Susan has a unique place in Google history and has made the most incredible contribution to products used by people everywhere,” Page and Brin said in a statement.

“We’re so grateful for all she’s done over the last 25 years,” they added. According to, under Susan’s reign, the video streaming platform contributed a major chunk of revenue to Alphabet. Last year, YouTube generated a whopping $29.2 billion in ad sales, which was more than 10% of Alphabet’s overall revenue.

Alphabet (parent company of Google) CEO Sundar Pichai not only applauded the legacy of Wojcicki but also congratulated Mohan, the new successor.

“Susan has built an exceptional team and has in Neal a successor who is ready to hit the ground running and lead YouTube through its next decade of success,” Pichai said in a statement.

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