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Scott Morrison will be PM no. 30 of Australia

Dutton pledges loyalty to Morrison Scott Morrison has defeated Peter Dutton in the leadership spill by 45-40. Julie Bishop was also in the fray, making it a 3-way contest but was eliminated in the first vote. Having attempted and lost the leadership vote, the position of deputy leadership became vacant. Josh Frydenberg

Bio-degradable Plastic from Prawn Shells and Silk Worms

Sydney: Flexible and sturdy, Angelina’s bio-inspired plastic may soon be sustainable way of using seafood waste for all plastic bags. Angelina is a budding young scientist who had earlier won first prize in chemistry at the NSW Young Scientist Awards in 2016, for developing a plastic type made out of cornstarch. Although

The Highs and Lows of DEV MENON

– from successful Taxation and Insolvency practitioner to possible jail time Sydney, June 21: Tax lawyer and partner at Sydney law firm Clamenz lawyers, Dev Menon, 33, has been linked to a $165m elaborate tax-fraud scam. Dev, who previously worked at KPMG and an investment bank, is alleged to have been the

Melbourne PBD-2016 delivers a Big Zero

Melbourne, February 21: Pravasi Bhartiya Divas or PBD as it is (or was) famously known since its inaugural big bang celebrations in New Delhi on 9 January 2003 – with much fanfare – seems to have run out of steam. The sudden cancellation of the Indian diaspora’s January big bang for

Multiculturalism is not mini nationalism where people live isolated…

Robin Scott: Multiculturalism is not mini nationalism where people live isolated from others As migrants, we are all interested in policies, which directly talks about us or affects us directly or vicariously. And Multiculturalism is one such area of government policy, which in Victoria, is executed through its two offices: the Victorian

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