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COVID-19 threat & Morrison’s cash handouts

Economic Package COVID-19

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced handing out $750 in cash to millions of families receiving family tax benefits, aged pensioners, and the unemployed in a desperate bid to stop a coronavirus-induced recession. In a bid to arrest the spreading economic impact and potential consequences of COVID-19, the PM has

The China paranoia in Australian politics

by Nick Economou Throughout Australian colonial and post-colonial history, China has loomed large in the national consciousness. During the gold rushes and in to federation, fear of Chinese migration became the catalyst for some quite dramatic, racially oriented legislation. The newly created colony of Victoria, for instance, passed colonial laws outlawing

With no Abbott or Palmer speed humps, Sco-Motion is unstoppable


Labor in ruins, teary Shorten’s career in tatters Sydney May 18: Scott Morrison, Australia’s 30th  prime minister, scored a surprise victory in federal elections on Saturday. The win stunned Australian election analysts and opinion pollsters. Not less than 567 opinion polls had pointed to a loss for Mr. Morrison’s coalition

Aussies go to polls on May 18


Canberra, April 11: The speculation is over. Aussies go to polls on May 18. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has asked Governor General Peter Cosgrove to dissolve parliament to allow Australians to elect their parliamentarians for the next term on Saturday, May 18. Although Coalition is facing an uphill task, Scott Morrison had

Waleed Aly: Guilty of the same crime?


Soon after the tragedy in New Zealand, Senator Fraser Anning, now infamous target of the infamous ‘Égg Boy’, had suggested that the cause of such gruesome and cowardly act – was Muslim migration into New Zealand. “Does anyone still dispute the link between Muslim immigration and violence?” Senator Anning had tweeted. “I

Australia’s strong economy to be least impacted with Brexit

The Brexit hell prophecy that quickly fell through Melbourne, July 21: Before Brexit, majority reports published by research institutes and claims made by columnists predicted that it would cause a catastrophe in world financial markets and hellish consequences in Europe. Today, Treasurer Scott Morrison released report from the Council of Financial Regulators,

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