Vaccine Passport is your ticket to freedom

As we progress with our vaccination drive and achieve thresholds of 70% and 80%, there will be easing of restrictions and perhaps staggered open up of the state. It is more likely this time that the opening up and easing of restrictions will have the vaccination barometer for far larger openings. All you will need is your vaccine passport.

That makes the proof of vaccination absolutely pivotal in demanding access to those areas which may not be open to those not vaccinated.

Typically, Victorians soon will be required to prove they have had two Covid-19 vaccine jabs if they –

  • want to have a beer at the pub,
  • get their hair cut or
  • eat a meal out with friends.

Victoria’s transition to a “vaccinated economy” started to be trialed in in six regional local government areas in preparation for metropolitan Melbourne to iron out any bottleneck for the big freedom on the way.

Steps are being taken to link the federal government’s vaccination certificate (generated by the Medicare – ordinarily linked to MyGov) to be linked to state of Victoria Services app.

Once linked, the updated Service Victoria smartphone app with a fully-vaccinated person’s immunization certificate, will also, while checking you in at a venue using a QR code, prove you are vaccinated.

The system will roll out across Victoria once 80 per cent of residents over the age of 16 are double-dose vaccinated. That is expected on or before November 5.

To be able to do that (check in and provide proof of your vaccination), you’ll need the latest versions of the Service Victoria and either the Express Plus Medicare or MyGov mobile apps.

Once you have those on your phone, it is just a matter of going into your Medicare account and link you Vaccination Certificate to Services Victoria app.

If you are not inclined to install those apps on your phone, you can access your Vaccination Certificate via your computer (or request for a copy through your access) and keep it on your phone.

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You can also keep a printed copy on you to prove whether you are vaccinated or not.

Steps to take if you are vaccinated
The vaccination certificate should automatically appear in your Medicare app within one to 10 days of having your second Covid-19 jab.


This app links to your MyGov account, which is an online platform connecting Medicare, Centrelink, Australian Taxation Office and other federal government services.

You simply login, tap on ‘proof of vaccinations’, then ‘view history’ and then ‘share with check in app’.

Tap the ‘share’ button next to the Service Victoria app and then after reading the terms and conditions, you can hit ‘accept and share’ down the bottom of the screen.

Your phone automatically takes you to the Service Victoria app as long as you’ve got it downloaded.

Tap ‘add certificate’ and you’re done.

You will have your vaccine passport with you and access to the whole new normal world of Victoria.

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