Calls for Plant based Treaty ahead of COP26

As COP 26 draws near, a number of Australian politicians have endorsed the new Plant Based Treaty which calls on world leaders to negotiate and implement a global agreement about a transition to a plant based economy.

Emma Hurst, MLC who is issuing a notice of motion in the NSW Parliament today says:

“As the first Australian politician to endorse the Plant Based Treaty, I am putting forward a Notice of Motion in NSW Parliament calling on the Australian Government to recognise the negative impact of industrial animal agribusiness on climate change and commit to developing a strategy to transition towards more sustainable plant-based food systems.

“Right now millions of animals are facing the terror of the slaughterhouse and our climate crisis is edging closer to the point of becoming irreversible. We need to stop ignoring the truth – animal agribusiness is destroying the planet. But it’s not too late for a solution.

“Our planet and all who live on it are in crisis, and that crisis will only get worse unless governments recognise that animal agribusiness is one of the greatest causes of climate change. We cannot wait any longer. The time for action is now.””

The notice of motion supports the new Plant Based Treaty initiative launched on 31 August 2021, which calls on national governments to negotiate a landmark international treaty—the first of its kind to put food systems at the heart of combating the climate crisis. The treaty has also received endorsement from Andy Meddick MP and Mark Pearson MP.

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The motion follows similar calls in the UK parliament, where 14 MP lent their support to EDM 434 which calls on the government to “use COP26 in Glasgow as an opportunity to be a world leader in recognising the negative impact of industrial animal agriculture on climate change and commit to developing a global strategy to transition towards more sustainable plant-based food systems”.

Greta Cuthell, 17, from Melbourne and youth ambassador for the Plant Based Treaty says, “Climate change is an existential threat and that it is the most important issue of all, and yet we just carry on like before. As a passionate vegan and environmental activist, fighting for climate justice and an equitable world for all life on earth I fully support Emma Hurst MP in calling for the Australian Government to use the upcoming Glasgow Climate Change Conference to act as a world leader on plant-based climate action now!”

Anita Krajnc, global campaign coordinator at Plant Based Treaty says, “The IPCC sixth assessment makes clear that we are facing a methane emergency and a third of those emissions comes from animal agriculture. We have five years at best to make major changes or face climate catastrophe. Therefore we applaud the 3 Australian politicians who are asking for political debate in parliament on the need to quickly switch to sustainable plant-based foods. It’s a matter of our survival.”

The Plant Based Treaty is fast gaining political support with city councillors across the world and the cities of Boynton Beach, Florida and Rosario, Argentina endorsing it.

Ahead of COP26 preparations, politicians from across the globe are being encouraged to sign on to an open statement created by organisers of the Plant Based Treaty to urge governments to address animal agriculture and its impact on the climate, ocean, biodiversity and animal crisis.

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