COVID-19 Digital Certificate

As more and more Australians are choosing to get vaccinated, it is now more relevant that they all get their COVID-19 digital certificate as proof of vaccination. That alone will be their passport out of restrictions in the new post pandemic normal.

The certificate is automatically generated and available on the Express Plus Medicare app.

What is a digital vaccine certificate?

Once you have had both doses of an approved vaccine – currently Pfizer or AstraZeneca – the COVID-19 digital certificate will be automatically generated and available through your Medicare account.

You can access and downloaded it on a smartphone app or find online to download on your PC or Mac.

Not only this record will make it easy for people to show their coronavirus vaccination status “anytime, anywhere”, it is becoming more and more likely that this will be your passport out of many restrictions in the coming months and years if the virus and its variants keep mutating.

The certificate only shows your COVID-19 vaccination status featuring the person’s name, date of birth and the dates of their vaccination injections. The validity of the certificate is protected with a holographic coat of arms watermark and unique document number.

How to get your vaccination certificate?

The best way to access the digital certificate is through the Express Plus Medicare smartphone app.

If your Medicare card is linked to your MyGov account, simply download the app and then view or download the digital certificate.

The certificate can also be found online by logging into Medicare via MyGov, and going to “immunisation history”.

Medicare accounts must be linked to MyGov before the vaccine certificate can be accessed.

For those unable to find the certificate online or via the app, an immunisation history statement can be requested from your vaccine provider or the Australian Immunisation Register.

The certificate will still be available for those who have opted out of My Health Record, as the Australian Immunisation Register is a separate database.

How long does it take to get the certificate?

Your vaccine provider must report your jab to the Australian Immunisation Register before it will appear on your certificate.

Vaccine providers have 10 business days to make a report but many vaccine providers are able to update within 24 hours.

Other benefits

Not only it will provide you a passport out of restrictions as appropriately decided by the government authorities, it will also come into play with the state and federal governments negotiating travel bubbles. In such cases it may be your “vaccine passport” – a ticket to travel or access venues or services under pandemic restrictions.

Many countries including China, Israel and the EU have already established similar schemes.

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