Dave Sharma is Liberal Candidate for Wentworth

Dave Sharma


He is a graduate of Deakin and Cambridge Universities and has worked in Australian diplomatic missions in America, Israel and Papua New Guinea. He was an adviser to former foreign affairs minister Alexander Downer during the Howard government.

Currently a director and consultant with Sydney firm Kelly and Partners, now would soon be a member for the Sydney seat of Wentworth. And he is an Australian Indian – Dave Sharma.

After his win, former prime minister Mr Turnbull tweeted congratulations from him and Mrs Turnbull after the vote.

"As a diplomat Dave has represented Australia magnificently overseas, and now if elected will make a great contribution in our national parliament," Melcolm Turnbull wrote.

Trade Minister Simon Birmingham noted Mr Sharma had been appointed as ambassador by the former Labor government, saying he would again serve Australia "with distinction". ... Read More

Five Beers and Indian Accent disaster

... he had about 4 to 5 beers at the hotel where he was for about two hours and was now partially drunk. After he left the hotel he was looking for something to eat and he went past the toilets and by mistake went into the ladies’ toilet.

A woman in the toilet claimed he was looking through the cubicle door; she was fearful of Raj and began continually yelling “get out”. She claims as he was walking back away he asked her “don’t you want a sexual thing?” She told Raj “no”.

Raj denies looking into the cubicle and he denied asking about anything sexual. He claimed he made the mistake as he was partially drunk and not wearing his glasses which he wears to see objects clearly... full story

Beer with Indian Accent - trouble


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Dave Sharma with James Packer

Dave Sharma is Liberal Candidate for Wentworth

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Five Beers and Indian Accent disaster

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