Turnbull Culpable for Coalition Election Disaster

Elected leader by the Liberal party in the belief that he could win the 2016 election, Malcolm Turnbull has failed a crucial political test and ended up with an expanded cross-bench Senate. His future is in serious doubt writes Dr Nick Economou in this Election 2016 wrap-up.  Read more...

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Australia to return stolen Buddha statue to India

Canberra, July 22: An 1,800-year-old Buddha statue which was displayed in the National Gallery of Australia (NGA) is being prepared for its return to India, after it was found to have been purchased from an illegal antiquity trafficker, authorities said on Friday. The second-century statue stands at 1.3 metres tall, and was purchased from Asian ...
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Donald Trump accepts presidential nomination, paints bleak picture of America

Cleveland, July 22: Donald Trump after formally accepting the Republican party's presidential nomination, painted a bleak picture of America sliding deeper into poverty, violence and corruption and declared himself the only person who could avert disaster. Accepting the Republican nomination in Cleveland on Thursday on the last day of the National Convention, the Manhattan billionaire ...
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Australia’s strong economy to be least impacted with Brexit

The Brexit hell prophecy that quickly fell through Melbourne, July 21: Before Brexit, majority reports published by research institutes and claims made by columnists predicted that it would cause a catastrophe in world financial markets and hellish consequences in Europe. Today, Treasurer Scott Morrison released report from the Council of Financial Regulators, commissioned in response ...
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Supraja Srinivas (L) with husband Gannaram (R) and daughter.  @Facebook

International Students & Multicultural Communities urged to seek crisis support

Melbourne, July 21: With recent tragic reports of suicide among members of Australia’s multicultural communities, Lifeline Australia is urging people of diverse backgrounds to seek crisis support when they need it 31 year old Supraja who hailed from Hyderabad, India; was in Melbourne with her husband Gannaram Srinivas, who is working as software engineer for ...
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craig jeffrey

Seven ways Australia can boost its connection with Indian Universities

Australian universities should explore ways of working with Indian institutions By Trent Brown and Craig Jeffery Melbourne, July 20: India has a high and growing demand for tertiary education that can’t currently be met by Indian institutions alone. The government’s goal to fill 40 million university places by 2020 means India will need to recruit ...
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IIT_graduate_denied_Australian_visa_Julie Bishop

Indian IIT graduate denied Australian visa on ‘nuclear proliferation’ grounds

Melbourne, July 20: An Indian IIT Kanpur graduate, Ananth SM who was offered a fully-funded PhD position by the University of Melbourne, has been denied a visa by Australia. And with it a came an extremely strange ground for this denial – Ananth could be involved in proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. It is ...
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Confluence of India-Australia in FESTIVAL OF INDIA

Confluence - the Festival of India in Australia launched today will engage audiences nationwide and host highlights and detailed information on this celebration of Indian art and culture. Melbourne, July 18: Announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to Australia in November 2014, the festival takes place over ten weeks through August – ...
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Sirish Kunder, Farah Khan

‘Kriti’ crosses three million views on YouTube

Mumbai, July 18: Shirish Kunder is delighted as his short movie "Kriti" has been viewed over three million times on YouTube, after battling copyright issues. "Kriti' crosses three million views! Truth can be slowed down, but it cannot be stopped," Kunder tweeted on Monday. Shirish had got caught in a legal battle with a Nepali ...
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