NSW multicultural communities meet PM

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Immigration minister Alex Hawke met with senior leaders from Sydney’s multicultural communities to listen to their concerns about Sydney’s COVID-19 outbreak, and discuss the support being made available by the Australian Government. Grappling with a severe second wave, South West and Western Sydney in particularRead More →

Lockdown extended Acting Premier James Merlino

As was anticipated all along, the lockdown in Victoria has been extended by seven days. Victoria’s total number of active cases grew to 67 when the state recorded new 6 cases in the past 24 hours. Not surprisingly, Acting Premier James Merlino made the announcement that Victoria’s circuit-breaker lockdown willRead More →

COVID mess in India - what caused it?

And the lessons others are learning from it While political parties are blaming Modi-Shah’s grab for power greed and elections wins as their priority in the second half of 2020 which as a consequence put India at real risk of facing the second wave without any preparation, foreign experts viewRead More →