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COVID-19: “Not China virus”, says China

COVID-19 china virus

Coronavirus or COVID-19 or “China virus” as Trump has called it, has wreaked havoc in the world and no one knows where we are heading. With no cure or vaccine in sight at least in the near future, it is becoming one of our toughest challenges for mankind. Since then

Australia shut down by COVID-19


From midday March 23, 2020 Australia has shut down and entered a new era in its history. People have been told to not leave homes unless it is essential and there is widespread closure of businesses affecting tens of thousands of families whether they are small businesses or employees of those

Schools remain open despite COVID-19 threat

COVID-19-&-Schools closures

With the exception of one or two hit with the virus, all schools remain open in Victoria. Although most parents are trying their best to keep cool, many are concerned if school closures should have already happened in Victoria to stop or arrest the spread and thus threat posed by

COVID-19 Emergency in Victoria & Chief Health Officer’s advice


Exercise, Eat Healthy, Drink Water & Get Adequate Sleep Sunday March 16: Premier Daniel Andrews has declared a state of emergency in Victoria in the wake of the threat posed by coronavirus or COVID-19. “Today we declared a State of Emergency for Victoria. This declaration gives the Victorian Chief Health Officer the

COVID-19 & Tom Hanks – no staff infected

Tom Hanks-and-COVID-19

Hollywood actor Tom Hanks, infected with Coronavirus is being cared for in isolation in a Gold Coast hospital. Hanks, along with his wife Rita Wilson, is in Australia to film the untitled Baz Luhrmann-biopic on Elvis Presley. They are shooting at Village Roadshow Studios on the Gold Coast. And the good

Morrison orders 14-day self-isolation for all overseas arrivals


The world is grappling with COVID-19 – different countries trying out different things to contain the spread of COVID-19 virus.  Italy is in lockdown. France first closed schools and universities and now has also closed cafes to avoid people gathering for “unessential” things. What we need is ‘self-isolation’ and self-quarantine

COVID-19 threat & Morrison’s cash handouts

Economic Package COVID-19

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced handing out $750 in cash to millions of families receiving family tax benefits, aged pensioners, and the unemployed in a desperate bid to stop a coronavirus-induced recession. In a bid to arrest the spreading economic impact and potential consequences of COVID-19, the PM has

COVID-19 & cruise ship?, ‘Reconsider going’, says government


As the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread around the world, following the US government’s action, the Australian government has also advised its Australians to “reconsider” taking an overseas cruise ship. SmartTraveller website advice: “Australians, particularly those with underlying health concerns should reconsider taking an overseas cruise at this time due to

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