Pfizer shot by GPs

Finally, it is happening. According to the Australian government’s Deputy chief medical officer Michael Kidd, 500 GPs across Australia will start rolling out the Pfizer vaccine to people aged between 40 and 59 this week. GPs can give Pfizer shot to patients aged 40-59 from this week.

Michael Kidd says a further 800 GPs would also come on board during July and August,

Many of those GPs coming on board will cover areas to cater for many Aboriginal community-controlled organisations.

To date, more than 8.2 million COVID vaccine doses have been administered in Australia. That includes five million does of AstraZeneca, the vaccine which has the risk of blood clotting, though very rare indeed.

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“These vaccines protect you and your family and the wider population against the risk of serious illness and death,” Professor Kidd said.

According to the data provided by the Australian government’s health, more than 70 per cent of people aged over 70 years, more than 60 per cent of those aged over 60, and more than 50 per cent of people older than 50 have had at least their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

“In addition, nearly 30 per cent of those aged over 16 years have had at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine,” Professor Kidd said.

Australia’s planned deadlines to fully vaccinate Australians is being pushed back time and time again due to many reasons. People with misgivings prefer to be given the choice – to choose which vaccine to get. The blood clotting risk of AstraZeneca and the vexed supply issues.

To date, the government has ordered more than 100 million doses of various vaccines but the delivery dates are being pushed back.

Last week, Prime Minister Scott Morrison – not wrongly – suggested all Australians to take – on their doctor’s advice – AstraZeneca shot which created a furore.

Then, there is still no exact timetable for when under-40s can get the recommended Pfizer vaccination.

Appearing on the ABC’s Insiders program on Sunday, Finance Minister Simon Birmingham said there would be a marked step up in availability of the Pfizer vaccine in the next few months, rising from about 300,000 doses a week now to about 600,000 doses a week. Further increases are forecast in September.

“There’s not a fixed date that I can give you now,” Senator Birmingham said.

Victoria is also complaining about its Pfizer shot supplies allocation while NSW gets more to supplies to battle its COVID outbreak.

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