Roshena Campbell

Roshena Campbell, an Indian Australian, has been pre-selected by the Liberal party for the electorate of Aston, previously represented by Alan Tudge.

Alan Tudge, after giving evidence in the Robodebt inquiry suddenly announced his retirement from politics, making way for a new candidate to be pre-selected.

In the fray were two women, Ranjana Srivastava an Oncologist, and Roshena Campbell a barrister and Melbourne City councillor.

Roshena won the ballet and was selected as a candidate for the Liberal party. The by-election in Aston will be held on 1 April.

Roshena is married to James Campbell, national politics editor at the Herald Sun newspaper in Melbourne and a regular commentator on Sky News Australia. They have three children.

Appealing to the voters of Aston, Roshena says:

As the Liberal Candidate for Aston, I bring energy and experience and I will always listen.

My parents came to Australia in the 1970s. They worked hard to build a small business, raise a family and contribute to their community.

Their support and work ethic helped me become a barrister. I have worked on complex cases for large companies but some of the most important work I have done is representing local small businesses, as well as individuals and community organisations on a pro-bono basis.

As a Melbourne City Councillor, I have supported small businesses and community groups, delivered infrastructure, and attracted investment to strengthen our economy.

As a mother of three young children, I know all our grocery and energy bills are going up every day.

This by-election also provides an opportunity to send this Labor Government a message.

They need a plan to get on top of the highest inflation in over thirty years and the highest interest rates in a decade.

And they should not be able to take the Outer East for granted.

While congestion is a big problem, Labor’s first budget cut funding for vital infrastructure like the Wellington and Napoleon Road Duplications, Dorset Road Extension and Rowville Rail.

I know how to take a stand. I will always listen and fight for you.

At present Roshena and her family do not live in the electorate of Aston but she has vowed to move in if voters choose her to go to Canberra to represent them.

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