Rosy Loomba trips to death taking ultimate selfie

An Indian Australian, Rosy Loomba of Craigieburn fell off to her death off  the Boroka lookout a popular tourism lookout in the Grampians on Saturday, December 12.

The 38-year-old fell from the lookout after she slipped on a barrier about 3pm, the police said.

Police say the mother climbed past safety barriers to pose on a “picture perfect rock” for a photo when she fell to her death.

She tripped over the edge of the Boroka Lookout in Halls Gap, plunging more than 80 metres down the cliff face in front of her husband and child.

“Her death is not being treated as suspicious”, the police added.

Rosy is being remembered as a loving mother and wife.

“Witnesses could hear the woman’s screams, but were powerless to help”, Nine News reported.

Police and SES crews scaled the cliff face for six hours to retrieve the woman’s body, with rescue officers carrying the mother through the steep and rocky terrain.

Tour guide Graham Wood warned his customers of the dangers of ignoring safety barriers 30 minutes before the tragedy unfolded on the clifftop.

“This happens all the time and one of these days someone’s gonna fall off,” he told 9News.

Rosy Loomba “had climbed a safety barrier to get to the lookout despite warning signs.

Her young family saw her fatal fall”,  Ms Loomba’s sister-in-law, Jassu Minal Loomba, was quoted as saying in a Facebook post by India2Australia.

 “She was a good life partner for my brother and best mum for her kids,” she added.

“(The family is) still in shock and it’s really hard to believe.”

Rosy was an on-call community support worker. She was devoted to her family. She had two sons and lived in Craigieburn with husband Basant Loomba.

The Loomba family loved the outdoors and often shared photos on social media of themselves enjoying nature, including at rocky lookout points.

Other happy snaps show them at tourist destinations, including the Dandenong Ranges and Gumbuya Park.

Boroka Lookout is hugely popular with travellers because of its breathtaking views.

It is also the site of frequent police and SES rescue missions, as people risk their lives for the “ultimate selfie” — ­including a man who was filmed performing a backflip on the cliff last year.

Police Minister Lisa Neville said on Sunday “no photo is worth a life” and urged people to consider their safety over their social media feed.

“What we saw (on Saturday) was a really tragic outcome of behaviour that unfortunately we see too often,” she said.

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