Yograj Singh spews vitriol at farmers' Protests rally

Former ‘frustrated’  Indian cricketer turned Punjabi film actor Yograj Singh made some very inaccurate and provocative comments addressing the gathering at the ongoing farmer protests at Delhi’s Singhu border. His comments, displaying his absolute illiteracy of history and commonly misplaced myths about Punjab’s history, attracted nation’s wrath and his son, cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s embarrassment.How genuinely is Yuvraj embarrassed, time will tell.

#ArrestYograjSingh started trending on social media after the video of Yograj Singh’s hate speech went viral. Yograj did not shirk away from using the most debased and lowest of the low language making his remarks on Hindu women.

He can be heard saying in the video:

“Inki aurate take-take ke bhaw bikti thi” (their women were sold for two cents). When their women and daughters were abducted by people like Ahmed Shah Abdali and sold off, it was we Sikhs who saved them,” said Yograj Singh.

“Yeh Woh log hai jinhone hamare saath gaddari ki hai, yeh woh kaun hai jinhone hazaron saal gulami ki 5000, 7000 saal (these are the people who have betrayed us, this community has been slaves for thousands of years). Our leaders have betrayed us. We voted for them and brought them to power, and they instead stabbed the farmers in the back, in the past, I have seen how these political leaders were auctioned for Rs 5, 10, 15, 20 crores in Delhi,” Singh further said in the viral video.

Naming and attacking Gujaratis, Yograj Singh said he spent 15 years with Gujaratis in Mumbai.

“These people would take a u-turn even after they have sworn on their mothers, sisters, and daughters.” 

Yograj Singh also urged the protesters to be a ‘Jarnail’ in themselves. Not sure if he meant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale or Jarnail like General in the Army, he added:

“Every person here is a Jarnail if you want to save Punjab, ensure that power is in your hands. If the power is in your hand, you will see a new sun rising from the land of Punjab.”

Reaction to his hate speech was quick. Not only people started asking for him to be arrested, a Twitter user – therajaputra – dug up a page from some history book claiming how Sikhs were not protecting Hindu women but were in fact sending their own women and daughters to the Mughal rulers for concubinage. Read the whole thread by clicking on the below post.

Yograj also lost a film in which he was going to play an important character. Yograj was to play the role of DGP in Vivek Agnihotri’s directed film ‘The Kashmir Files’ which has Anupam Kher in lead. But after his disgusting remarks on Hindus & Hindu women, Vivek Agnihorti was quick to remove him from the project and has finalized Puneet Issar for the role.

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“I had Cast Mr Yograj Singh for my film The Kashmir Files for a very prominent role and I had long chats with him I knew that he has a history but I ignored as I generally do not mix art and artist I keep artist politics away when he gave the speech it was shocking and I cannot tolerate someone talking about women.  It’s just not about Hindu women or Muslim Women but he spoke so badly about women and on top of that he tried to create such a hateful decisive narrative. My film is about genocide like the genocide of minorities in Kashmir I cannot cast somebody who is trying to divide society and especially on the basis of religion I cannot tolerate at all and I sent him a termination letter he is not part of his film anymore”, Vivek Agnihotri said confirming the news.

Vivek further added “I have sent him official termination letter I don’t care what he replies because I can’t I do not I am not a kind of a commercial filmmaker I make films with a purpose. I make films which expose the truth and I don’t want this person to become part of the truth whatever he said it was Hateful and this kind of people just want to create violence.”

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