Scrubbing the tub most hated chore in Australia

Although cleanliness and sanitisation is at the forefront of everyone’s minds and our TV screens have been inundated with cleaning tips and hacks, new data reveals that Aussies have some pretty strong opinions about the household chores and our approach to cleaning can be as lax as our lifestyle. Most hated being scrubbing the tub.


  • New research reveals three quarters of couples are fighting over the housework – being 77% of Melbourne couples
  • Windows, ovens and fridges are the most neglected areas of our homes, while bathrooms take out the most hated chore with 38% of Victorians admitting they dislike this chore, while over a third (42%) admit that they never clean the windows.
  • Fantastic Services Group is encouraging Aussies to squash the squabbles, take back control of their homes and find a cleaning routine that works for them.


New research from Fantastic Services Group reveals that scrubbing the tub or cleaning the bathroom takes out the top spot as Aussies’ most hated household chore, with over a third (38%) of Aussies dreading having to scrub the tub, followed by mopping (17%) and gardening (13%).

In fact, our basic hygiene comes into question with Aussies admitting to avoiding some tasks completely. Just under half (46%) never clean their windows, and a third (38%) never scrub their ovens and incredibly a fifth (21%) never clean out their fridge.

With so many Aussies feeling overworked and overwhelmed this year, Psychologist Jemma Doley explains how stress can affect our motivation to clean.

“We all have an optimum level of stress that we need in order to perform at our best. When our stress levels are too low, we can feel underwhelmed and unmotivated, how you might feel on a Monday morning. When our stress levels are too high, we can feel overwhelmed and anxious.”

“While many of us certainly are busy, a lot of this might actually be that our life is imbalanced and we’re not functioning at our optimum stress level that is going to give us the motivation to get the chores done.”

“Continually functioning at an elevated stress level and not taking the time to relax can not only stop us from achieving our goals effectively, but it can even have an impact on our health.

“When we continue to push ourselves beyond our optimum levels of stress and don’t allow for opportunities of rest, we can end up feeling burnt out and overwhelmed. This is usually when we start to let things slip such as our healthy diets and exercise, as well as keeping our environment clean and tidy” said Jemma.

Our cleanliness is leading to other problems with the chores creating a source of conflict in relationships for three-quarters (72%) of couples, some squabbling about the housework weekly.

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Jemma suggests one way to keep the peace might be outsourcing some of the tasks we dislike to professionals, allowing us to spend more time focusing on other aspects of our wellbeing.  Scrubbing the tub be top of the list.

“If keeping up with the housework is getting in the way of other important values, like connecting with family, or engaging in activities that support our wellbeing, then this can be a great activity to outsource.”

Despite our poor relationship with cleaning, surprisingly less than one in ten (6%) Aussies employ a cleaner to tackle these tasks for them. Fantastic Services Group is encouraging Aussies to squash the squabbles, take back control of their homes and find a cleaning routine that works for them, even if it means bringing in the professionals.

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