Public Holidays on Holi, Diwali and Easter As India and Indians over the world goes into a colourful frenzy for Holi, Pakistan is gearing up to a more secular look. As a first in Pakistani history, Holi, Diwali and Easter will now be Public Holidays in Pakistan. Pakistan Parliament onlyRead More →

MKR’S ASH POLLARD will be on-board THE HEINZ BEANZ CREATIONZ ‘FOOD TRUCK’ touring the East Coast Favourite food staple of Australians – Heinz Beanz are now taking their latest bean sensations out on the road. The Heinz Beanz Creationz ‘food truck’ is hitting the east coast of Australia, stopping atRead More →

Auckland couple Jeram Ravji and Ganga Ravji, who will turn 100 in May and June respectively, will be celebrating their 81st wedding anniversary in April this year. Jeram and Ganga were born in India on May 4, 1916 and June 6, 1916 respectively. This Indian-origin couple have been married forRead More →

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Cancer Council Victoria and pap Screen Victoria launched a life saving message for the Indian community on March 7. Pap Screen Victoria manager Dr Hiranthi Perera said that 20% of Cancer deaths in India happen due to cervical cancer. Watch real life IndianRead More →

Sunday 20 March @ 11am-5pm, Sinclair and Selwyn Streets, Elsternwick In One Voice Jewish street festival: Give them curry   Food is naturally a preoccupation – if not obsession – of the In One Voice Jewish street festival to be held in Elsternwick. Festival-goers can tuck into a great varietyRead More →

With reports of sensitive documents being leaked and rumours of numbers being counted, some commentators have started to liken former Liberal leader and prime minister Tony Abbott to Labor’s Kevin Rudd after he, too, was denied the leadership by his colleagues. While the bitterness that each has clearly felt overRead More →

Sydney, February 18: A Punjabi taxi driver was sitting in a cab rank in Castle Hill in Sydney, hoping to get a good fare at the end of his shift when someone started tapping on his window. He felt the person was overly drunk; he was not sure what toRead More →

Melbourne CBD, February 18: A Horse and Carriage driver unleashed a violent and racist tirade on a shocked passerby. It all started on Velntine’s Day, with a simple protest by Animal activists who were against the horse and carriage rides, currently available in Melbourne CBD. Melbourne Against Horse Drawn CarriagesRead More →

Amidst the challenges of school and friends, beyondblue is encouraging young people and their parents to get to know beyondblue’s ‘The Brain’ character. New data reveals that more than half of the young Australians who saw The Brain, during a beyondblue campaign last year, are now more likely to talkRead More →

If yes, they could be better protected against food allergies Melbourne, February 20: Food allergies in children, especially from nuts, has been on the rise in Australia and this is one issue which has been bothering scientists and researchers for quite some time. Perhaps, they have found some answers, ifRead More →