by Nick Economou Throughout Australian colonial and post-colonial history, China has loomed large in the national consciousness. During the gold rushes and in to federation, fear of Chinese migration became the catalyst for some quite dramatic, racially oriented legislation. The newly created colony of Victoria, for instance, passed colonial lawsRead More →

Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull’s decision to dissolve both houses of the Australian parliament and thus precipitate a full Senate election is coming back to haunt his government, writes Dr Nick Economou. In addition to all his other self-inflicted wounds, the sense of crisis enveloping the composition of the Senate followingRead More →

Australia’s political history has lessons on the consequences of Plebiscites, writes Dr Economou. Thanks to the awful reality that very few people study either Australian history or Australian politics any more, the lessons that the past might teach today’s politicians about the consequences of their actions are just not beingRead More →