CAB protest

Citizenship (Amendment) Bill (CAB) in House likely next week New Delhi, November 30: The big question is – is CAB cherry-picking of people in distress? After dealing with the state of Jammu and Kashmir and Article 370 apparently to restore rights of Kashmiris, Home Minister Amit Shah and Prime MinisterRead More →

Bobby Singh St Stephens Institute

When the Kingdom built by the now alleged scammers Baljit ‘Bobby’ Singh, Rakesh Kumar and Mukesh Sharma, came down in 2015, little did they know how authorities got to them and in the manner they did. ‘Goodbye Ferrari. Goodbye house. Goodbye life of luxury,’ were the words Australian Federal PoliceRead More →

Ayodhya verdict 2019

In the long protracted dispute of the Ayodhya Temple Babri Masjid case, the Supreme Court of India has delivered its judgement – the Ayodhya verdict. Ina unanimous judgement by five judges of the apex court headed by the chief justice Rajan Gogoi, ownership of the disputed holy site of AyodhyaRead More →

by Dinesh Malhotra, Bharat Times To the disappointment of millions of Narendra Modi fans all over the world, the expected victory in both states – Maharashtra and Haryana has eluded the party. In Haryana, which was ruled by the BJP and expected by many observers to increase its majority thisRead More →

A diplomatic slip of astronomical proportions Comment by Dinesh Malhotra With the latest edition of Modi’s Stadium rallies in Houston in the US, people have hailed him as an international statesman and a world leader. Particularly so because he took a ‘victory lap of the stadium holding the hand ofRead More →

P Chidambaram Indrani Mukerjea

New Delhi, 22 August: P. Chidambaram’s nemesis Indrani Mukerjea a convicted criminal, is now proving to be a pain in the neck for him. She has been convicted for the murder of her own daughter in 2012, who she presented to the world as her younger sister. Since 2015, Indrani Read More →

Minister loses the Appeal, Federal Court split 3:2 Brisbane 19 June: In a unique case of court litigation for Australian residency visa, there has been a 2:3 split in Federal court Queensland involving the applicant – Dr Megumi Ogawa who, according to the minister had failed the character test andRead More →