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When the Kingdom built by the now alleged scammers Baljit ‘Bobby’ Singh, Rakesh Kumar and Mukesh Sharma, came down in 2015, little did they know how authorities got to them and in the manner they did.

‘Goodbye Ferrari. Goodbye house. Goodbye life of luxury,’ were the words Australian Federal Police used to taunt three alleged criminals on social media back in 2015.

An Australian Federal Police video posted online by the ABC had also posted an online video showing officers launching a raid on Bobby Singh’s luxurious Balwyn house as well as seizing a 2014 Red Ferrari and more than $180,000 in cash.

Police said at the time, the house and Ferrari were part of $8.5 million in assets belonging to three men masterminding the elaborate, fraudulent scheme which exploited overseas students, as students of their two colleges and then many of them as drivers of Bobby Singh’s contracted delivery service vans. It was also alleged that business alone was bringing Bobby approximately $60,000 per month.

The AFP claimed since their establishment, the two colleges had charged ‘over $9 million in tuition fees from international students as well as fraudulently claiming approximately $2 million in government funding.’

On September 21, 2018, the County Court sentenced them as below:

Bobby singh  was sentenced to six years in jail with a non-parole period of three years and nine months.

Mukesh Sharma and Rakesh Kumar both received five years’ jail with a non-parole period of three years each. Bobby was the ring leader of the group.

Their female accomplice, Rekha Arora, wife of Bobby Singh, was sentenced to three years prison but was immediately released on a $5000 recognisance bond.

It would have bothered Bobby, Mukesh and Rakesh, from the time the AFP raided. seized their assets and arrested them, how could it happen to them. After all, they had been doing it – successfully for years – established one college and then added another and were on their way to add the third college when their plans came undone.

The nagging Question
“Who could dob them in?
” would be the question bothering Bobby, Mukesh and Rakesh in jail.

And now, as revealed by the police operations video released this month, it is almost certain, it was an insider.

As the video reveals, their colleges were bugged or set-up with police surveillance cameras to record their operations and the police could clearly see – there were no students and no teaching going on.

The police, once they had the surveillance video evidence, called up Bobby Singh, the ring leader of the group, to setup a meeting for inspection purposes. That pushed the group and they sprung into action. The camera shows – empty colleges and no staff with empty class rooms while computers are being setup to make it look like actual class rooms.

If it is not an insider who dobbed them in – why would the AFP select Bobby’s colleges and setup secret surveillance cameras?

It is clear from the video – the police knew exactly how, when and where to hit.

As they say, crime never pays, is the lesson, hard learnt by the three men who are doing their time in jail.

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