Rahul Gandhi - Election 2024

Rahul Gandhi has slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi during an election rally at Deoria (UP) for his recent ‘God’ statement.

Taking a swipe at the PM, Rahul Gandhi said, “… all the rest are biological, but Narendra Modi ji is not biological. Their ‘God’ has sent him to help Ambani and Adani, but ‘God’ has not sent them to help the farmers and labourers.”

 “If God had sent him like this, he would have helped the poor and farmers. This is Narendra Modi’s God.” Expressing his frustration with the media, he remarked, “Some sycophants sit and question Modi. Modi ji, how do you eat mangoes? Do you eat after washing or peeling? On this, Modi ji says we do not do anything, everything happens automatically,”he added.

 “If God had sent him, God would have asked him to help the weakest people of India, the farmers, and the poor. But Modi ji’s God merely asked him to help Ambani and Adani. Forgive Ambani-Adani’s Rs 16 lakh crore, just help them. What kind of God is he? He is Modi ji’s God,” Rahul Gandhi further said.

Rahul Gandhi had joined the Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav for a joint rally where the duo claimed the INDI alliance is set to form government at the Centre on June 4.

They also assured the gathering that after forming government, their alliance would strive to fulfil the aspirations of the people.

In his address, Akhilesh Yadav claimed that under Modi government, corruption had increased across the board.

“They (Modi and his team) showed dreams in the name of investments. Did these investments materialise on the ground?

Donations were collected from big people in the name of electoral bonds but that resulted in inflation, Akhilesh Yadav alleged.

Akhilesh Yadav said that this election is aimed at safeguarding the Constitution.

While their INDI Alliance partner Mamata Banerjee has also claimed in Kolkata that the Modi government is not coming back on June 4.

The Opinion polls have been throwing mixed signals about the Modi wave in this election. But none of the polls have predicted an election loss for Modi.

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