Anmol Story

On 14 November 2022, at 10:46 PM, Anmol had gotten off the train at Noble Park Railway Station and was walking home. His attacker Jerome Tokarahi, a New Zealand citizen, who had also gotten off the same train, approached Anmol in the Coles supermarket car park. It was around 10:52 PM.

He asked Anmol for his name and where he came from. And then putting an arm around Anmol’s shoulder, he pulled an imitation semi-automatic handgun from his pants and said to Anmol, “Give me your wallet. Otherwise I will shoot you”.

Anmol said he didn’t have a wallet and pleaded with him to take his jacket and backpack to let him go. Jerome robbed him first searching Anmol’s jacket and pants and taking his bank card, driver’s licence and Apple iPhone from his pants pocket.

Jerome then told Anmol to come with him saying that if he tried to run he would be shot him, forcing Anmol to walk with to a nearby ATM where he took $500 from Anmol’s account.

Jerome also forced Anmol to open his iPhone and forced a factory reset and took it away.

Anmol was scared and wanted to get home. Jerome told him to go and not look back or else he would shoot Anmol.

For forcing Anmol to come with him to the ATM to withdraw money, Jerome was charged with kidnapping in addition to robbery of Anmol’s items.

Jerome also used Anmol’s card nine times to buy food, tobacco and clothing valued at $301.08 the next day. 

CCTV cameras captured most of what had happened and the way Jerome had robbed and kidnapped Anmol.

When police arrested Jerome, they found Anmol’s driver’s licence on him, the tobacco pouch he had bought with Anmol’s bank card.

Jerome was still wearing the sneakers, shorts and cap he was wearing when he had committee the robbery and kidnapping.

Police also found clothing he had bought with Anmol’s bank card.

Jerome was charged and in May was sentenced:

On charge one – armed robbery, to a term of imprisonment of two years. The maximum term of imprisonment for armed robbery under the law is 25 years.

On charge two – kidnapping, to two years’ imprisonment. The maximum term of imprisonment for kidnapping under the law is 25 years.

On charge three – obtaining financial advantage by deception – $301.08 you are sentenced to one months’ imprisonment. The maximum term of imprisonment for obtaining financial advantage by deception under the law is 10 years.

At the County Court, on After applying the concession for Jerome’s guilty plea and cooperation with the police, his tough upbringing and low criminal record in the past and his young age and his chances of rehabilitation, Jerome’s total effective sentence is two years and six months, with a minimum period of one year and three months before he is eligible for release on parole.  

Th court also ordered that the Apple iPhone, the phone case, along with two T-shirts and a pair of shorts, Jerome had purchased with Anmol’s bank card to be forfeited and Jerome was ordered to pay Anmol Anmol compensation in the sum of $2399.

“While Mr Anmol chose not to make a victim impact statement, I have no doubt he was terrified when you produced the imitation handgun”, the Judge had noted while sentencing Jerome Tokarahi on 2 May 2023.

“It is concerning you were carrying the imitation handgun at all. He was an easy target, and you took advantage of him.

You intended him to believe the handgun was genuine and lethal. Venting your anger on him was completely unwarranted,” the sentencing Judge had added.

Well after the expiry of 28 days within which one can lodge an appeal in Victoria, on 20 November, Jerome made an application to the Court of Appeal seeking leave to appeal the sentence.

Jerome wanted his sentence reduced considerably arguing that the judge had given him double punishment for armed robbery (2 years of 25 years allowed under the law) and kidnapping (effectively 6 months of 25 years allowed under the law), which he argued were only ‘low level’ crimes.

On December 5, the Court of Appeal delivered its verdict and refused the leave to appeal the sentence. The court did not find in any errors in the judge’s decision.

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