Richard Riordan - Conduent Conflict

The Andrews Government engaged a former Conduent Vice President as a key part of the advisory and procurement process that awarded a $1.7 billion contract to the same firm.

Conduent is the successful bidder in the ticketing system that will replace Myki.

In October 2019, the Department of Transport and Planning contracted Cormeum Consulting to provide Technical Advisory Services for the Next Generation Ticketing Strategy.

The Principal Consultant of Cormeum Consulting is Mr Russell Goslin, formerly the Vice President, Public Sector, Australia and New Zealand for Conduent.

As part of his role, Mr Goslin would have advised government on the most suitable technical services as part of the ticketing system and potentially had access to sensitive insider information ahead of the tendering process.

Mr Goslin and Cormuem Consulting were also involved in the recent process to award Adelaide Metro’s ticketing system to his former employer Conduent.

Yesterday in Parliament, the Andrews Government failed to answer if it, or the probity officers overseeing this contract, were aware of Mr Goslin’s conflict of interest.

Shadow Minister for Public Transport, Richard Riordan, said the serious probity concerns surrounding Labor’s public transport ticketing contract continued to mount.

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“Serious concerns continue to mount over Labor’s awarding of a $1.7 billion contract to Conduent,” Mr Riordan said.

“With families across the state struggling under increasing cost of living pressures, Victorians deserve a ticketing system that represents genuine value for money.

“One thing is clear, it is Victorian taxpayers that will be left paying a higher price for a poorer service because of the incompetence of the Andrews Government.”

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