Scott Morrison crash tackles Luca Fauvette

Election is a festival of pageantry by politicians where they want to exhibit extreme affability of the human in them when it comes to their interaction with public. Interaction with the media is another ball game altogether. And when we saw pictures of Prime Minister Scott Morrison knocking over an eight-year-old boy, Luca Fauvette at a regional Tasmanian soccer club, the footage was set to go viral and straight into the political history books.

The incident has been reported not only nationally, but also international and already the comparisons have been made with a similar incident involving the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and a 10 year old boy playing Rugby in Tokyo in 2015.

The journos brought back Scott Morrison’s own chosen phrase of “bulldozer” to explain the incident although the incident was nothing of the sort.

In the footage, the PM is clearly seen as totally ‘protective’ of the boy, who while speaking on Channel Nine’s Today show this morning confirmed it.

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“We were playing soccer and I think someone tried to pass [the ball] to me or Mr Morrison, and what happened – he tripped and he was trying not to fall on top of me. So he tried to fall underneath me,” Luca Fauvette told the Today show.

Asked what he thought of the PM’s rough tackle, Luca said:

“It should have been a penalty.”

Luca was unhurt in the incident.

Luca who appeared on the Today show with his grandmother Joy said that Scott Morrison later on Wednesday phoned to check he was OK.

Although the media event was a planned visit to the club as part of the the Liberal’s attempt to hold on to the two Tasmanian seats of Bass and Braddon, it became interesting when Scott Morrison decided to join the club’s under-eights team to play a scratch match.

The PM was at the club on Wednesday to promise a re-elected Coalition would fund a $3.5 million redevelopment of its pitch and clubrooms.

“I think that when that grandstand comes down, I hear it might need a bit of a bulldozer to knock it down, so I might be able to help with that”, Scott Morrison said.

Of the five lower house seats in Tasmania, it is an even bet with the Labor (Franklin and Lyons) and Liberals (Bass and Braddon) holding two each and the fifth (Clark) being held by the independent Andrew Wilkie.

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