Scott Morrison's multicultural Australia

At the start of the campaign, the first thing I said is that I love Australia. It’s a love shared by Australia’s multicultural communities – so many of whom I have joined with and celebrated new year and seasonal festivals, as well as holy days of dedication and renewal.

We can be so proud of Australia. We are the most successful multicultural, multifaith, immigration nation on earth.

We have achieved this because we respect and we value our diversity – and we all love this country equally and with a patriot’s love.

I know Australia’s multicultural communities have carried a heartfelt burden in recent years, particularly with closed borders due to COVID.

I want to thank you for what you did to keep Australians safe.

We can take comfort in what we achieved together. On almost every measure – growth, jobs, debt levels, fatality rates or vaccine rates – Australia’s recovery is leading the advanced world.

However, we can take nothing for granted in this time of consequence.

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This election is a choice.

We all know that strong communities depend on a strong economy. At this election, only the Liberal Party has a plan for a stronger economy and a stronger future.

Nationally, we have set ourselves a target of creating 1.3 million new jobs over the next five years including 450,000 new jobs in regional Australia.

Already 1.9 million new jobs have been created under this government.

Our plan lowers tax for Australians and small businesses, builds productivity enhancing infrastructure, invests in the skills of Australians with record funding for apprenticeships and trainees, and expands export opportunities for Australian businesses.

An integral part of our plan for a strong economy is affordable, reliable and clean energy. Energy that will power Australian businesses in the years ahead, while reducing emissions to achieve net zero by 2050, and reducing household electricity bills.

It is also a plan that will help Australians save for a home deposit by allowing first homebuyers to invest a responsible portion of their own superannuation savings into their first home.

Our plan also protects Australians of religious faith. The reason why we are such a successful multicultural nation is because we are a nation of freedoms and protections. That is why in the next Parliament we will again introduce a bill to protect Australians from religious discrimination.

We will also provide additional support for the E-Safety Commissioner to tackle abusive online behaviour, which we know can so often be directed at people from multicultural communities. We will work even harder to protect Australians from such trolls.

At this election, we have a plan because there is still so much to do. To build a stronger future, our plan will:

  1. Deliver more jobs and working towards unemployment below 4%
  2.   Provide tax relief for workers and small businesses
  3.   Invest in roads, rail, water infrastructure and renewable energy technology
  4.   Make record investments in health and other essential services
  5.   Invest in stronger defence, security and borders.

This election is a choice between a strong economy and a weaker one – and a stronger future, and a more uncertain one.

At this election I ask for your support so that we can continue building a strong economy for a stronger future.

Scott Morrison MP, Prime Minister

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