Poonam Sharma, Vanessa Sharma farewleled by her ageing parents

The Indian community was shattered when Prabhal Sharma allegedly stabbed his wife Poonam Sharma and 6-year-old daughter Vanessa Sharma on January 13.

In a rage attack Prabhal is alleged to have attacked wife Poonam, his younger daughter Vanessa while his elder daughter Angel 10 managed to run away and escape unhurt.

Police were told injured Poonam, after being stabbed, had run to neighbours pleading for help for his daughter Vanessa. But Prabhal followed and caught up with her.

“What we believe, our 39-year-old victim has run from her address to the neighbours seeking help and hence we believe there is blood there,” Detective Inspector Dean Thomas of Victoria Police said.

Poonam died at the scene and Vanessa later died in hospital.

Prabhal also injured himself but survived. The incident could easily have been a double murder suicide.

Some reports suggest Prabhal was taking drugs and suffered from addiction.

But the world ended that day not only for little Angela only 10 years old who has been left with no family in Australia but also for Poonam’s ageing parents back home in the city of Pathankot, Punjab.

The inconsolable ageing couple were suddenly struck with the worst grief in Hindu culture – seeing one’s progeny dying and dying so young meeting a violent end to their lives, at the hand of (allegedly) someone who has the sole responsibility to protect them.

They desperately tried and thankfully managed to get to Melbourne for the funeral of Poonam and Vanessa which was organized by a local Hindu group – Vedic Global.

The ceremony took place on February 2 at Altona Memorial Park, 2-14 Dohertys Road, Altona.

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Poonam was a dental nurse and Prabhal Sharma was driving a taxi.

Bharat Times believes the couple were going through separation.

Prabhal was charged with two counts of murder and is in police custody to appear in court in May.

Community leaders believe a lot more could be done to prevent such incidents and domestic violence in the community.

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