Abhishek Bachchan attacked for Aish's beauty

Having been attacked and ridiculed more often than any other Bollywood star on social media particularly Twitter, Abhishek Bachchan has now achieved the envious status of an “OG of replies to haters on Twitter”. More often than not, he is labelled as ‘good for nothing’, living off his dad’s wealth and fame and so on. This time, a Twitter user @sparshsaxena789, (his account has since been deleted) told Abhishek he did not deserve to have Aishwarya as his wife.

And completely undaunted, Abhishek Bachchan once again responded to a troll with his ‘trademark’ wit. He was commenting on Abhishek’s The Big Bull trailer, which the actor launched earlier this week.

“You are good for nothing buddy…..the only thing which i am jealous of you is that u’ve got a very beautiful wife….and from that too that you don’t even deserve her,” @sparshsaxena789 wrote.

The actor, who often responds to haters, not shying away, took on the Twitter user with a savage reply.  Politely thanking the Twitter user for his opinion and Abhishek in part wrote:

“Just curious.. who are you referring to because you’ve tagged a whole load of people? I know Ileana & Niki aren’t married that leaves the rest of us (Ajay, Kookie, Sohum) soooo…P.S- will get back to you about @DisneyplusHSVIP‘s marital status.”

Some Twitter users leapt to Abhishek’s defence with their critique of @sparshsaxena789, replying tohim. See below:

deepanshu dhingra @deepanshu_dd


People like you make twitter trash. Who are you to decide who deserves what. Work hard to earn something for yourself else you’ll just end up tweeting about being jealous of whats in others plate.

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Raj Singh @Rjcoming19

Absolutely correct @deepanshu_dd

People like  @sparshsaxena789 has made social media platforms stinking gutter. I dont know who has given them authority to pass personal judgements to anyone. The most important subject our country people needs to study is Moral Science.

Other chose to comment on the trailer. A Twitter user – @RajatSa94517989 expressed disappointment with the trailer. Feels like casual/comic character at start while trying to be serious at the end of it.such a disappointmenthe wrote.

Rajat Saxena @RajatSa94517989

Replying to @juniorbachchan  @DisneyplusHSVIP and 5 others

Trailer looks really sub standard from a movie point of view leave alone it’s based on a true story. No clear story line or character establishment.

@juniorbachchan  Feels like casual/comic character at start while trying to be serious at the end of it.such a disappointment

Sounding like an ardent fan, Ritu Bhardwaj, another Twitter user could not get enough of her idol Abhishek:

Ritu Bhardwaj @RituBha03272688

Replying to @juniorbachchan

I am following you from the beginning, from refugee to Guru till now, I try to watch all ur interviews and I can say u r one of the best actor I know,

plus the way u handle negative people I feel u r the best human being, learning a lot from you sir. U r the best.

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