Ankita Lokhande with SSR

Ever since Sushant Singh Rajput was found dead in mysterious circumstances on June 14, 2020 in has Bandra apartment, Ankita Lokhande has been the focus directly or indirectly for those who are mere Bollywood watchers and SSR fans alike. Now ion a tell all interview with Bollywood Bubble, she has opened up about why and how she handled Sushant’s death.

Ankita was not in a relationship with Sushant when he died. They ahd parted company in 2016, after a six long years’ relationship, including live-in. But when Sushant died, Ankita was seen attending his apartment and skipping the cremation ceremony, quietly mourning his death, and her loss of a great friend.

And from that time on, she was judged, every move she made, she was judged and commented upon.

Ankita opened up about Sushant’s death and how it affected her personally. She said that for the first few days, she could not come to terms with the tragedy.

Ankita Lokhande and Sushant Singh Rajput were one of the most loved Bollywood couples at one point. But post a break-up, they never crossed roads again. When the nation was mourning a grave loss of Sushant, Ankita stood by his family. There were several fingers raised at her and in a way, she was even blamed for the end to their relationship.

In the interview episode of Bollywood Bubble‘s HER Story, Ankita in an explosive tell-all, has revealed everything that went wrong in her relationship with Sushant, how it ended, how it affected her and left her in depression and how she battled all of it through.

She also discussed the heavy trolling she has had to face on a regular basis where people have called her several names, because she decided to live her life peacefully now. Battling social judgment, perceptions, Ankita feels her honesty has backfired on her.

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Ankita also claimed she lost out on big films like Happy New Year, Sultan, Ram Leela, Badlapur and others.

Ankita recalls two shocking instances – ‘casting couch’ – when she was asked to compromise or was hinted at the same by a South producer and another big Bollywood actor.

About not posting Sushant’s picture immediately after Sushant’s death, she said that even now, she cannot bring herself to write ‘RIP’ along with his pictures. Ankita said:

“People started judging me on not putting his picture on the same day he was gone. What do you expect from us? Koi apna chala jaata hai toh hum kya photo daalte hai (Do you put up a photo immediately after a loved one dies)? You won’t believe, till today, I have not ever posted any picture of Sushant with ‘RIP’. I have no guts to put something like that for him. Because I can’t say, ‘rest in peace, Sushant’,” she said.

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