Magic of social media at display in India

India in 2021 and its citizens at work

A perfect example of social media can make life easier for people has been seen on twitter this week. How the magic of social media can spring surprises cannot better manifest than this story of the Prime Minister’s office connecting with the people of India and people raising and seeking grievance redressal in modern ways.

While the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi was addressing a webinar to discuss budget provision for the education sector, aggrieved Indian citizens were watching it in pain, not knowing what to do to have their grievances redressed. Addressing the education in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the second biggest focus of Budget 2021 has been on education, skill, research and innovation.

“For building an ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’, it is important that the youth have self-confidence. Self-confidence comes when youth has faith in their education, skills and knowledge,” PM Modi said.

Another area of focus of the Modi government is the Indian languages, other than English to relieve the pressure on those in India who do not know English that well.

“There are talents in every house of the country. In the new National Education Policy, the use of the Indian languages has been encouraged. It is the responsibility of the experts of every language, how the best content of the world should be made available in Indian languages”, Prime Minister Modi said.

As is the trend these days, soon as the webinar and its link was tweeted at 4.02PM, a minute later at 4.03PM, a survey was tweeted asking users to rate their trust in Modi government.

At 8.51PM. an aggrieved Twitter user sprung into action with his smart phone and within 8 minutes, he put his complaint on Twitter, tagging various parties including the Bank he was complaining about. He was done by 8.59PM.

His issue was the interest rate being charged by the bank on study loan he had arranged for his son, was 14.5% while the promised rate of interest was 9%.

He wrote:

Four years of struggle with “zero” subsidy received

Best thing is i got a legal notice from bank for not signing a document

In 4 hours, at 1.00AM, in the middle of the night, the bank tweeted and asked him to directly message them.

Dear Customer, Sorry for the inconvenience happened. Kindly share your contact details and account details through DM. Regards CUB


By 2.55AM, the man and the bank had made progress on the issue.

Who says magic of social media can only work for trolls only to make a buck or two!

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