Gauravdeep Narang

COVID-19 has not only wreaked havoc on society in general, it has particularly hit hard the international student community or those on temporary visas – being under enormous pressure financially to make ends meet and thus working harder to ear every dollar to be able to pay their bills. Gauradeep is no more, drives that home.

Back in May, a young international student Ramandeep Singh 21, tragically diedt in a single-vehicle crash in Kyabram 200 kilometres north of Melbourne. He was from Noble Park in Melbourne. He was driving the truck which crashed in the Goulburn River Valley in the wee hours of May 19.

And at 10.55 PM on Saturday, 5 September another tragedy struck the local Indian community when a bright vibrant young Indian who had a promising career ahead of him and dreams of settling down under died in a fatal crash at the intersection of Palmers Road and The Strand in Point Cook.

Gauravdeep Singh Narang was hard-working international student who had just completed his studies as a chef and only received his 485 visa last week.

Because of the COVID-19 lockdown he had no job and struggling to make ends meet, he was working as a driver delivering Uber meals.

Gauravdeep Narang fund raiser page
Gauravdeep Narang fund raiser page

In the crash two people lost their lives and with Gauravdeep another young man a 21-year-old man from Truganina also lost his life.

Victoria police investigators believe a silver Nissan Skyline and a white Hyundai Accent collided at the intersection of Palmers Road and The Strand around 10.55pm on Saturday September 5.

Sadly, both drivers, who were the sole occupants of their cars, died in the crash.

Police are appealing for witnesses, or anyone who may have dashcam vision or CCTV of the cars prior to the incident, to come forward.

Police will prepare a report for the Coroner following a two-car collision in Point Cook last night (5 September).

Gauravdeep was living with his elder brother and his family. The two were planning to bring their parents from Mumbai India to Australia. His brother was waiting for him at dinner while Gauravdeep tried to make ‘last $10’.

After the death of her son, Gauravdeep’s ailing elderly mother is reported to have gone into a shock and is hospitalized in India.

Gauravdeep’s elder brother is also a chef and now the sole breadwinner for the family who not only has to look after his own family but also his ailing mother and ageing father back in India. Money is being raised to send the body of Gauravdeep back to India for his last rites as the parents cannot travel to Australia.

The Narang family has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money.

A drunk international student decided to breach the curfew After attending a birthday party and take away life of my beloved young brother… We know life is not always fair but this was not what he deserved…”Hardip appeals on the GoFundMe page.

“A dream of settling down in Australia, a vision of bringing his parents and giving them all comforts of their life is shattered with a blink of an eye for the whole family. The tough times have taken back the son from the mother and father. While working hard, he was the breadwinner for the parents and was taking care of them while they age…” Hardip adds appealing for help.

The page has raised $21,410 of $50,000 target.

If you want to donate, click here.

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