The most successful Israeli artist in India today – BEMET (Hod Moshonov) – releases a new clip in Bollywood.

Sara Gurpal with BEMET in Chicken Masala

Chicken Masala is the new single, and like all his songs, it’s contagious…

BEMET’s sound signature is all over this one, as well as his famous humoristic vibe with the trade mark of his custom made golden key tar for this video.  Chicken Masala is about the famous Indian dish (obviously), and about the similarity of the Indian culture and the Middle Eastern one.

The song’s video was shot in a few amazing locations in Punjab, and the leading role is played by no other then the Indian famous actress/singer Sara Gurpal. The video includes sequences upping women power and colourful culture of the Diwali holiday mixing the epic Holy festival along with the hectic character of BEMET.

In Punjab during the shoot of Chicken Masala

Hod Moshonov was discovered by the Indian audience on 2016 after a remake he made for ‘Mumbai Dance’ by the huge Indian DJ artist Nucleya which became an internet sensation.

After playing massive huge stages around the world and being opening act for Major Lazer, BEMET released his single/ video – ‘Sababa’, late last year.

The video was shot in India during BEMET’s tour on summer 2017. With over 1.5M views on YouTube and great reviews, there is a great anticipation from BEMET’s Indian fans for a new single.

During BEMET’s last Indian tour, BEMET filmed the video of his new single ‘Chicken Masala’. BEMET closed 2018 with a highly energised show in Sunburn Festival 2018 India launching his new single Chicken Masala.

Shalini Singh

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