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While the media reports a fifth former immigration detainee being re-arrested, the troubles of the Albanese government seem to be multiplying and compounding. This is more so because in its flagrant attempt to paint the Opposition as villain in the stuff up of gigantic proportions of their own making, they politicized the issue to the nth degree.

There was no need for the Home Affairs Minister Clair O’Neil to hurl abuse at Peter Dutton in the parliament by calling him a protector of paedophiles.

To the government’s detriment, the debate has caused the usually dormant public to wake up and take notice; the public, unfortunately for Ministers Clare O’Neil, Andrew Giles and Attorney General Mark Dreyfus wants to know the ‘full story’.

And as the layers come off, it is going to look more and more ugly and incompetent.

Because it is.

The whole issue could have and should have been handled with utmost care, competence and farsightedness. That had been replaced with inexperience, routine-work attitude and perhaps ideological influence from those who hate mandatory detention of people.

Now that the milk is already spilt and stinking bad, the mess will take a long time to clean, despite the best efforts by all stakeholders.

As of now, five of the former immigration detainees have been picked back up and put behind bars:

Aliyawar Yawari, 65 is a convicted sex offender Afghan refugee.

Mohammed Ali Nadari, 45, arrested over drug charges in New South Wales.

Convicted paedophile Emran Dad, 33, arrested in Dandenong.

A Sudanese-born 45YO man for allegedly stealing luggage from Melbourne airport.

A Sudanese child soldier William Yekrop for allegedly breaching parole conditions.

Aliyawar Yawari, 65, was charged with indecently assaulting a woman at a hotel in South Australia on Saturday. 

He was branded a ‘danger to the Australian community’ by a judge after he attacked three women and kicked down the door of an ageing mother. 

Mohammed Ali Nadari, 45, has a lengthy criminal history, which includes convictions for – discharging a firearm with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, contravening an apprehended violence order, indecent assault, theft, larceny, resisting a police officer, drug possession among other offences.

Emran Dad, 33 is a convicted paedophile, and has been arrested for allegedly making contact with minors on social media and breaching his reporting obligations.

The fourth asylum seeker, a 45YO Sudanese man has been arrested for allegedly stealing luggage at Melbourne Airport from a traveller who was asleep and for failing to comply with a curfew. 

And the fifth ex-detainee is a Sudanese child soldier William Yekrop, who was picked up in Queensland after police realised there was a warrant for his arrest – for allegedly breaching parole conditions, from a period which precedes his detention.

Although the government has succeeded in passing legislation, with the help of the Opposition, for the re-offending detainees to be put behind bars, if successful after making an application to the court.

The experts believe, only a handful of those detainees released into the community will fall within the purview of these new laws.

Only time will tell.

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