Kerala High Court-Sreesanth Story

Indian Cricketer S Sreesanth is embroiled in a cheating case he claims he has never been part of. Such is the gravity of the situation that he has had to approach the Kerala High Court seeking protection from arrest seeking an anticipatory bail protection.

On Tuesday, November 28, the High Court passed an interim order protecting the Indian cricketer from arrest.

Justice Mohammad Nias CP passed the order and directed Sreesanth’s counsel to implead the de facto complainant. The case comes up next for further hearing on December 8.

“The petitioner is directed to implead the defacing complainant as the public prosecutor submitted that the matter is settled. File an application at the earliest. Post on December 8, 2023. Interim order granted,” the High Court ordered.

The case involves 2019 financial transactions relating to the project for the construction villas inviting the complainant to invest to reap profits on his investment later. The complainant was approached by two persons (the two co-accused) seeking investment. Soon after the investor was roped in, the plans allegedly changed and the duo proposed that a cricketing academy could be set up instead in Kollur near Mookambika temple under the guidance of S Sreesanth.

The complainant was offered partnership in this new venture – the Cricket Academy, by the duo.

On such assurances, the complainant is said to have transferred money to the first and second accused in 2019.

Although the complainant does not seem to claim, ever having been approached by or meeting Sreesanth, when the plans fell through, the complainant filed a cheating case against the first and second accused as well as Sreesanth.

This prompted Sreesanth to file the anticipatory bail plea.

Sreesanth moved the anticipatory bail application claiming that he has been falsely implicated in the case registered by the Kannur Town Police.

As per the petition, Sreesanth had no role in the alleged cheating episode. But he seems to concede having ‘only provided inputs for free when he was asked for advice to start a cricket academy’.

Sreesanth claims his inputs were only to the duo and not the complainant, with whom he claims he has had no dealings.

He also claims to have had no dealings with the duo, the two co-accused.

As per his plea to the Kerala High Court, Sreesanth had no knowledge that his name was being used by the co-accused while making representations to the complainant.

This was done without his consent, Sreesanth contended.

“The petitioner (Sreesanth) out of his interest and passion for the game, gave tips and consultations to the 1st accused when he approached him with the proposal to start a cricketing academy that too in Kollur a holy land for Hindus being the Home ground of Lordess Mookambika Devi . His naivety never made him realize the trouble that was being portrayed by the 1st accused. The petitioner has never had any transaction with the complainant,” Sreesanth’s plea stated.

The former Indian team member, Sreesanth is currently playing in the Legends league Cricket and is performing well in the same. He is also being considered in the few other Professional League Cricket auctions.He is in good form and he is worried that any suggestion of any criminal involvement will ruin his chances to be picked up for his second coming in this twilight stage of his professional career.

“In fact the lodging of the complaint is only to harass the petitioner and to ruin his reputation . The petitioner is now playing in the Legends league Cricket and is performing well in the same. The petitioner is also being considered in the few other Professional League Cricket auction as well and he is keeping himself in good cricketing form. It is at this time that the petitioner shockingly and sadly, from news reports came to understand that a crime has been registered against him by the complainant alleging offence of cheating,” the petition stated.

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