Spike in Crime in Bayside area

Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police, Shane Patton, has confirmed there is an aggravated crime / burglary problem in Victoria, with Bayside being a repeated victim.

Appearing on radio today, Commissioner Patton agreed there has been an increase in aggravated burglaries, particularly in the Bayside area, including Brighton.

Overnight, a Bayside family were victims of a home invasion, with reports the family were confronted by offenders carrying machetes.

Two nights ago, a Brighton family were confronted by home invaders in their kitchen, who were also armed with machetes.

These repeated incidents in Bayside are deeply distressing and the Labor Government has been caught being deliberately silent.

Last year, when the Bayside community raised concerns about the increase in crime, the Premier denied any increase and victim blamed Brighton resident, Bec Judd, for exposing it.

Member for Brighton, James Newbury, said: “We keep hearing that the overall crime statistics have come down, at the same time as incidents of aggravated burglaries are spiking.”

“Frankly, although our community will be happy to hear that jaywalking figures are going down, it’s little comfort to families who are being confronted by home invaders armed with machetes.”

“Why is the Labor Government silent as these violent crimes are occurring? Labor’s silence is deafening.”

Member for Sandringham, Brad Rowswell, said: “Our home should be our sanctuary and no family should experience violent crime in their loungeroom.”

“With the Chief Commissioner confirming that aggravated burglaries are a problem in Victoria, we are calling on the Labor Government to act.”

Andrews Government has no strategy for crime prevention

With crime on the rise in Victoria, the Andrews Government lacks a sound strategy to address and prevent offending, says the Victorian Opposition’s Shadow minister for Crime Prevention, Brad Battin.

In a statement released by a media release, Brad Battin says Victorians deserve better.

“To put performance measures in place that don’t judge if their programs have actually reduced crime is shameful,” Mr Battin said.

“The Andrews Government thumbs its nose at accountability and transparency, and the safety of Victorians is being put at risk.”

According to the Opposition, Crime Statistics Victoria data shows there was a sharp increase in the number of sexual offences, residential aggravated burglaries, drug offences and youth offences in the past 12 months.

They claim the State Budget failed to demonstrate whether a funded program has actually prevented crime.

In Public Accounts and Estimates Committee hearings this week, Minister for Crime Prevention, Anthony Carbines, denied the Andrews Government purposely hid the true performance of their strategy, saying that he was “satisfied” the performance measures reported effectiveness.

But according to the Shadow Minister for Crime Prevention, Brad Battin, the only quality measure for the Community Crime Prevention area, on page 269 of Budget Paper 3 – Proportion of crime prevention projects that use a partnership approach supported to improve the effectiveness and quality of collaboration – does nothing to demonstrate whether a funded project has achieved its goal.

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