Rajwinder SIngh Toyha Cordingly

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Queensland Police Service (QPS) worked with Indian Law Enforcement agencies to arrest Rajwinder Singh, wanted for the murder of a Queensland woman Toya Cordingly, on 22 October, 2018.

The AFP Fugitive Apprehension Strike Team (FAST) and AFP New Delhi worked actively assisting QPS in the search and arrest of Rajwinder Singh suspected of Toyha’s murder.

According to sources, Rajwinder had been avoiding apprehension in the Punjab region in India since travelling to Amritsar on 23 October, 2018.

In March 2021, an extradition request was approved by the former Australian Attorney-General and presented to the Government of India who accepted the request.

After more than 19 months month’s wait and no progress, on 3 November, 2022, a $1 million reward was announced by QPS and Police Minister Mark Ryan for information leading to the arrest of this man.

And exactly 3 weeks later, Rajwinder was arrested.

Between 27 October and 8 November, 2022 QPS officers travelled to India and in conjunction with AFP New Delhi had direct engagement with Indian Law enforcement to share information with the intent to arrest the man.

The reward of $1 million did the trick. Police received information on the whereabouts of the individual and on 25 November, Rajwinder was arrested by in New Delhi.

Although he has been arrested and is in custody, his arrival in Queensland may be some time away. Rajwinder’s extradition orders will have to be cleared by the Indian courts before he could be put on a flight to Australia.

Having moved to Australia many years ago along with his brothers and parents who all live in Queenslad, Rajwinder Singh 38, worked as a geriatric nurse in Innisfail.

He is married and has three children. He reportedly fled to India after allegedly murdering Toyah Cordingley.

Reports suggest Rajwinder had had a fight at home that morning and had left home in anger to go for a walk on the beach.

Toyha Cordingly was also walking her dog at the same beach. Some reports suggest her dog started barking at Rajwinder who got irate and the argument followed.

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Some reports also suggest he had a knife on him at the time. During the ensuing argument, T0oyha lost her life and Rajwinder fled from Australia.

An Indian website claimed his wife, children and siblings in Australia have told police he has not contacted them ever since he left. Neither has he used any of his bank accounts.

That was what was making his tracking so difficult. Now he awaits extradition to Australia to face court and stand trial for Toyha’s murder.

AFP Commander Transnational Operations Richard Chin said AFP investigators worked tirelessly with their state and international counterparts to ensure the man was apprehended to face extradition back to Australia.

“We hope that today’s arrest brings some closure to the victim’s family following an agonising four years of uncertainty,” he said.

“The AFP acknowledges the close relationship with Indian Law Enforcement and QPS which have allowed us to work effectively and achieve this significant outcome.”

Queensland Police Service Commissioner Katarina Carroll said the arrest highlights the excellent relationship between the Australian Federal Police, the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department and Indian authorities regarding this matter.

“Together with other Australian agencies we have continued to work closely and respectfully with Indian authorities to pursue justice for Toyah and her family,” Commissioner Carroll said.

“The relationship the QPS has with Australian and other law enforcement agencies again demonstrates the importance of partnerships internationally. 

“I would like to personally commend the dedicated Queensland police officers who have remained unwavering in their commitment to deliver justice for Toyah, her family, her partner, friends and the local community who have shown immense support.”

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